Merkaela – Winter 2017 Review & Coupons

Wisdom . . .

Deluxe Box – $61.00 quarterly – Free Shipping to the Continental US 
Light Box – $27.00 quarterly
Use code WISDOM15 to save 15% on a quarterly subscription 
Ships to Alaska and Hawaii for $10.00 and to Canada for $25.00

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Merkaela is a subscription box that delivers natural, organic, and chemical-free products that help get you centered and on your way to every-day wellness. Each quarterly curated collection includes wellness products, thought-provoking content, and music. Virtually everything you need to be on your way to a holistic approach to a clear mind, body, and spirit. We ensure that our products are shipped in recyclable and environmentally friendly packaging as well. Every natural product we send is made by us, on site, and revolves around the theme of the season. These are more than just products, they are affirmations of wellness.

Merkaela is one of my favorite subscriptions. Everything is thoughtful, lovely and high quality. This season, they introduced new packaging (so cute!) and a more affordable “Light” option which will include 3 – 5 all-natural products. Both boxes offer a vegan option, too.

The theme for Winter’s box is Wisdom; perfect for the chilly, introspective days of December, January and February.

Merkaela’s boxes provide a complete and immersive experience including music, meditation, and a treat for all the senses. The playlists are wonderful! I am listening to the Wisdom Spotify list, and it includes some old favorites (Bjork, Ziggy Marley and Bon Iver) and some new to me artists that I’m loving.

I always put the affirmation cards in visible locations. This one is particularly apropos lately, and my college-age daughter and I have been saying it to each other all week. I love that Merkaela included an affirmation by spiritual guru, Louise Hay. Godspeed, Louise!

Tashi Rope Meditation Incense ~ $6.50

This smells wonderful! Scent is such a powerful part of meditation for me, and this one combines over 30 ingredients, including saffron, nagi and red and white sandalwood.

This is the first time I’ve ever used rope incense. I didn’t have a rope incense burner, so I improvised. I’ll definitely be investing in a new burner and more of this incense. I also want to try try their rose-scented variety.

Ylang Ylang Body Butter ~ $24.00

Merkaela’s body butters are amazing! Trust me! They smell so good and they really help soften, heal and protect dry skin.

This one contains a variety of essential oils including St. John’s Wart (a wonderful touch for winter!), ylang, ylang, rose, pine and lavender.

This scent will help you foster feelings of self love and appreciation.

Bentonite Clay Mask ~ $14.50

Clay masks are my favorite! My skin loves them. They naturally remove toxins and impurities. This one includes chamomile to calm the skin which is a new-to-me blend that I’m digging.

Note the sweet reminder: You are beautiful!

Chamomile Tea Potion ~ $8.50

Merkaela’s teas don’t last long around here. They’re so yummy!

Chamomile is calming all by itself, but Merkaela also added St John’s Wart and Valerian. It is very relaxing, and personally, I’m saving it for evening meditations.

How sweet is this packaging?

Calendula Body Exfoliator ~ $13.50

This exfoliator is probably my favorite item in the whole box.

The salts exfoliate, the oils moisturize, the chamomile and calendula smell so good, and the ginger is warming . . . so wonderful for winter!

Woodspice Bar Soap ~ $9.50

Merkaela’s soaps are every bit as awesome as the rest of their products. They use a good mix of oils for moisturizing and their scents are intriguing. My husband, especially, loves these, and always asks me to buy more.

Plus, look how pretty!

Lotus Bodhi Mala Bracelet ~ $12.50

This bracelet is lovely! The white lotus flower is a hand carved Bodhi tree seed. The Lotus flower signifies personal growth, enlightenment and rebirth, and Bodhi is the Sanskrit word for “Awakened”. Since it has 18 beads, it is ideal for mantra meditations. I have been wearing it to remind myself to meditate during the day, and also because the beads are said to become more beautiful with use.

My favorite part of this season’s prayer is, “Help me to remain calm and strong in the face of all that comes towards me.”

The meditation is powerful, especially with the use of the mala bracelet: “I am attuning to Divine Will and listening for the inner guidance of Truth.”

I am not being hyperbolic when I say that everything about Merkaela is thoughtful and touching. I am amazed every season by their attention to detail. I love using each product all season while I strive to become more mindful and awake.

This would be an ideal present for your favorite naturopath, yogi or natural-beauty bestie. The Winter box is still available, and you can save 15% on a quarterly subscription with code WISDOM15 HERE.

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I live in Utah with my carnivorous husband, three swell daughters, and two semi-trained dogs at the base of some of the most beautiful mountains in the world. Sometimes I write for money, but usually I just play Candy Crush.

I am a vegan, homeschooling mom who might be a tad obsessed with subscription boxes. My infatuation is evidenced by my uncanny ability to recognize the sound of my mail carrier’s truck engine. I’d like to say don’t judge me, but if I were you, I’d judge me. I love vegan/eco-friendly, literary and thoughtfully curated boxes.
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