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YumeTwins is a kawaii goods box shipped worldwide from Tokyo! Each box includes 6 to 8 cute licensed items from popular Japanese brands. They include a variety of things, like plushies, stationary, and squishies. They focus on curating a selection of unique and quality goods around a monthly theme.

The sturdy cat-patterned box includes an insert that tells you how to access the online zine. You simply go to the url and type in a password. You can check out past zines in their archive. There are 4 parts to the online zine: December Lineup, Photo Contest, Yume Prize, and “Get Free Box.” They give you a detailed description of each item, including explaining any helpful cultural context. They also describe their referral program, social media contests, and the monthly prize.

For December the theme is “Cozy Holiday.” Let’s see what’s inside!

Fluffy Room Shoes

This first item is a pair of fluffy slippers in a Rilakkuma or Sumikko Gurashi pattern. These soft room shoes are lined with a fuzzy material and have non-slip rubber on the bottom. As for size, they fit my size 8.5 (US) feet just fine. I got the blue Sumikko Gurashi pattern, and I love it! Sumikko Gurashi is always my favorite.

Rascal Dog & Cat

This month’s plush is a rascally pet—you’ll get one of 2 cats, a pug, or a Frenchie. I got the Frenchie pup, a very round fellow named Anko. The plush is super soft and almost the size of the box! I love his expression and pink paw details. All four possible plushies are adorable, and I would have been happy with any of them.

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Rilakkuma or My Melody Multi-use Case

This thin plastic case comes in a Rilakkuma or My Melody design. The online zine describes it as a multi-use case. The packaging says it’s a case that holds 3 masks (that are worn when you’re ill), but I can see using it for other things as well. I think I’ll use it to hold loose stickers that I bring for rewards in my English classes. I received the Rilakkuma design, which shows a close-up of his cute bear face!

Marumofubiyori Mechanical Pencil & Marumofubiyori Eraser

These two items are from Sanrio’s new character line “Marumofubiyori.” The character on the pencil and eraser is Moppu, the cozy polar bear. You can also see his friends, a fish and crab. The pencil works well and the eraser smells like strawberry. Moppu likes to be wrapped in a blanket at home—truly an animal after my own heart.

Realistic Fluffy Cake Squishie

The last item is a squishy modeled after a realistic slice of cake. There are a few different possible designs, and I got a chocolate anniversary cake. The details are very realistic, and it even says “Happy Anniversary” on the chocolate. I like my squishies a little bigger, but it’s a well-made item and very cute.

The “Cozy Holiday” box was perfect for December. My favorites of the 6 items were the Fluffy Room Shoes and Rascal Dog plush. I like that there is always a mix: practical things like stationary to fun goods like squishies. The value for this box is also very solid; everything is licensed and made well. These items would probably be difficult to track down outside of Japan, so it’s nice to have people from Japan curate a box for you.

If you’d like to subscribe, you can do so here. It’s $35 per month with free international shipping. You have 10 days left to get your own December box! I wonder what January’s theme will be?

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Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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  1. Hi
    I just think people should know about what happened to me so they can make an informed decision about subscribing to this box. I ordered a 6-month deal from Yumetwins on october. No boxes have arrived yet. I have exchanged a lot of emails with them, at first they were very nice but now they just send me the same generic response. They basically take no responsability about what happens to the boxes after they have been shipped. They told my that my box was probably stolen/lost/mishandled at some point and that there is nothing they can do, no refund, no replacement box, nothing. I even asked them to please send me evidence that they actually sent the box but got nothing. I know a lot of people have a great relation with their costumer service and always get their boxes on time, but it is only fair that people considering getting a subscription hear about this, I wish I had.

    1. Anytime we’ve dealt with YumeTwins (or it’s parent TokyoTreat) they’ve always been kind and responsive, so to hear this is disheartening. I’ll forward your comment on to our contact to see if she can figure anything out

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