Face Mask Alchemy – September 2017 Review

Face Mask Alchemy is a new facial mask subscription box.  It costs $10.88/month and includes one jar of dry facial mask, good for mixing 4-6 masks.  All of the masks are handmade from all natural ingredients in Hawaii.

The above picture shows everything in September’s box.  (Minion not included.)  This month they have also included a 2mL Hawaiian macadamia nut oil for mixing into the mask.

Each month’s box includes an information sheet.  It describes what the mask is for and how to use it. I like that they recommended patch test first since it’s such an important step before you try out new masks, but often ignored.

The back of the information sheet describes the mask ingredients, what their purpose is, and some suggestions for mixing the mask with various liquids. I love the “periodic table” style ingredient list and the detailed description of what each one does.

Here’s the dry mask in its container.

This is what it looks like on my skin. I actually used 1.5x of the recommended powder amount and 2x water and oil. The wet mask color looks very similar to the power in the jar. I’d describe the smell as a powdery smell. It didn’t drip at all which I like. I left it on for 15mins, occasionally spraying my aloe vera facial mist to prevent the mask from being completely dry. My skin felt clean and smooth after rinsing. I didn’t find it drying, but I do recommend a moisturizing lotion or emulsion to follow.

Overall, I think this box is such a good idea. I love that you can DIY your own facial mask each month. I love the natural ingredients and the detailed descriptions of their effects. I usually use 3-4 sheetmasks and 1-2 clay masks a week since I’m kind of lazy for mixing my own washoff masks. I think each jar of the dry mask will last me for about 3-4 uses, which is a really good amount for a lazy #skincarejunkie like me!

If you’re interested in Face Mask Alchemy, click here to get one.

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I'm Symi. I just got my PhD degree in Biochem and I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
Favorite things: All kawaii stuff, Asian beauty, dresses, nail polish, jewelry, lifestyle items, glitter, heart-shaped things
Least favorite things: Boxes that lie about being completely customizable, completely made up ingredients in skincare products.

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