YumeTwins – March 2017 Review & September 2017 Spoilers cause I’m late AF

Yes March because hi I’ve been MIA for a hot minuteYumeTwins
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So yeah I’m superbly late with my reviews dating all the way back to March (even earlier in some cases) due to a very sudden illness which yeah… cost me a lot of things. Namely my job at the time and an organ that’s apparently not that vital but I digress. Either way I’m very slowly catching up but being out of the sub box scene (is that even a thing?) for so long has unfortunately made it so I’m pretty much very.. out of practice.

Ok so!

YumeTwins is over a year old now (WAT) and has come a long way since it’s debut. It’s always been a box that sent out officially licensed cute items of all genres but it changed its strategy a few months back to include more substantial items like bento boxes, larger plushies, etc. Y’all know I’ve been preaching forever of the need for these companies to go quality over quantity – not that Yume has ever had an issue with that – but they definitely upped the overall quality with that update.

Each box comes with an info book which details the items inside, how to use/assemble them and info on contests and stuff about Japan. The theme this month was Totoro. Unfortunately its one of the few Ghibli movies I haven’t actually seen. :/

Totoro Origami Papers
Oh the designs on these are beautiful! They’re lightweight paper, easy for folding and come in many designs.

I’ve never been able to fold origami, but these do come with instructions on how to properly do it. I’ve always wanted to do the fold 1000 cranes thing too, so maybe I can practice this :o

Totoro 3D Puzzle
This is a neat little interactive puzzle that you put together, and it becomes totoro! I have absolutely not ability to do things (including putting together a simple puzzle) so I repackaged this for a young relative for her birthday. It makes a really nice interactive (and busy) gift!

Totoro Jigsaw Puzzle
It’s a  9 piece puzzle that features a character from the Totoro movie. The pamphlet says these are mini-totoro’s? I’ve not seen the movie but I thought they were spirits or something?

Totoro Hand Towel
I LOVE hand towels, as weird as that sounds. The main reason being because they’re so much cuter than our regular, mundane washcloths. This is plush, adorable, very thick and much larger than a regular washcloth. I love using this with bodywash, it’s just so soft.

Shinada Fukuairai Plush
This doesnt have anything to do with Totoro but in keeping with Yume’s tradition of having plushes in each box, these little bean bag cuties are a nice addition. They’re supposed to bring you good luck (like Totoro) and there’s one of six designs to get.

YumeTwins is one of my favorite subscriptions for cute items because everything is so cute and there’s also a practicality side to the items (like the hand towel and the origami papers). I’ve obtained a steady collection of hand towels thanks to this box (MOAR PLS OK) and plushies. Next months spoiler is below…

Get YumeTwins here. Ships free worldwide!


Also a giant cat plush go get it

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