Snakku – January 2017 Review

This month’s Snakku theme is “All You Need is Kobe!”  Best known for its beef, Kobe is a small port city that was a key player in Japan’s international trade.  It has a diverse culture that is reflected in its local delicacies.

Snakku is a monthly subscription that delivers traditional Japanese treats selected from local snack shops and curated around a theme.  They offer two types of subscriptions: a smaller Tasting Box with 5-7 snacks, and an expanded Signature Box with two pounds of snacks.

This is a review of their Signature Box, which is $38.95/month including shipping.

Snakku recently relaunched their boxes, and now offer free shipping internationally as well!  The Signature Box is also available in 3 and 6 month prepaid plans with a slight discount.

The tasting box is available for $15.75/month including shipping, but it is still only available in the US.

Each Snakku box is wrapped in a beautiful furoshiki, or washi paper carrying cloth.  This month’s furoshiki had a lovely pink design of brushstrokes against a dotted-flower background.

Snakku includes an information card with the box that describes each treat inside.  It gives an interesting fact about the snack, and provides important allergy information.  They also explain the theme and give a little history about the city of Kobe.  These cards are very well done and informative!

Kobe Bouchee

This cream sandwich bun is rum raisin flavored.  The outside is a sweet cake that has a caramelized-sugar flavor, and the inside is filled with cream and actual raisins.  The bun is light and fluffy, while the cream is rich and sweet.  These treats were made by Kobe Fugetsudo, a premium snack maker that has been making snacks in Japan for over 120 years.


These cookies are also from Kobe Fugetsudo, and they are the brand’s best selling snacks to date!  They are crunchy and buttery, with the perfect sugary sweetness.  And look at that packaging!  The chrystanthemum flower (symbol of the emperor) on the black background gives it a very luxe feeling.

Kobe Pudding Cookie

This cookie consists of caramel cream sandwiched between two langues de chat cookies.  Langues de chats, a delicate and sweet cookie, are very popular in Japan.  The ones in this sandwich are pudding flavored.  While the info card says the cream is caramel flavored, it looked and tasted more like chocolate to me.  Caramel does make more sense though, as Japanese pudding usually has a layer of caramel sauce.

Crispy Waffle Sandwich

These waffle sandwich cookies have a light layer of cream in between.  The first thing you notice when you unwrap them is the lovely maple syrup fragrance!  Both the cookie and the cream have maple syrup flavor, and even though the scent is very strong, the taste is quite delicate and not overly sugary.  It’s an interesting take on the typical Belgian waffle.

Morrymama Rusks

A rusk is a crispy slice of toast flavored with butter and sugar.  Morrymama has been making rusks since 2007, and they have been nominated for Japan’s most popular snack shop several times.  Snakku included two flavors of the rusk in this box: sugar and earl grey.  These were seriously delicious: crispy and sweet with the perfect crunch, almost like a sweet crouton.  Definitely recommend!

Mini Rice Crackers

This giant green roll contains several small rice crackers (senbei) glazed with a special soy sauce.  They were delightfully salty and wonderfully crunchy.  I wish there were more of these: I could snack on them all day!

Corn Crisps

These corn kernels from Hokkaido are deep fried and salted with sea salt from Miyakojima.  The corn itself is sweet, with the perfect amount of sea salt seasoning.  They’re very crunchy, but in more of a light corn-puff way.  They don’t get stuck in your teeth at all like normal corn can!

Cheese Pepper Puffs

These little puffed rice snacks are like a lighter, more delicate version of a cheese puff.  The cheese flavor is more authentic than the orange-Cheeto-dust we have in the States, and the pepper gives it an interesting heat.


This sweet cream sandwich biscuit is fortified with calcium and vitamins – so it’s a good excuse to eat more of them.  ;)  They’re sweet and creamy, and the biscuits have a nice snap to them.  They remind me of the sandwich cookies my mom used to buy for me when I was little, so the nostalgia factor is real.

Milk Country Candy

Another blast from the past!  I used to eat these all the time as a kid.  They’re a hard candy with a milky, sweet cream flavor.  These are made with all natural organic Hokkaido milk, which is famous for its creaminess.


Overall, another great box from Snakku!  I always look forward to getting Snakku in the mail, because their snacks are always high quality and well thought out.  It’s almost impossible to find Japanese treats here in the States that are produced by local artisans that have been making them for over 100 years, so this box is a great introduction.  Their themes are very educational, and provide a lot of information about the history and culture of a city.  If you’re curious about Japanese cuisine, or just like traditional artisanal treats, this is a great subscription to try.


PR Sample.  The opinions in this review are my own.  No compensation was received for this review.  


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