TokyoTreat – October 2016 Review and $10 Off Coupon + Ghibli Freebies Offer

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This is a little late thanks mostly to my wonderful post office as they held the box for a few weeks. :I The October TokyoTreat was full of Autumn flavors and Halloween style treats. TokyoTreat always delivers a box full of sweet goodies, savory items and the premium size always has a treat and usually some kind of little collectible.


Each box comes with an info booklet that details the items, cultural goodies, giveaways, and the large prize one subscriber wins per month.


Tropicana Season’s Best Mix Fruit Drink
Yep Japan has Tropicana but in much funner flavors (so does Chips Ahoy, Oreos, Reese’s and Kit Kat’s because apparently American’s can’t handle any flavors that aren’t regular chocolate or pumpkin spice). This little juice box tastes like a tropical fruit punch but with a more acidic kick, probably from the peaches.

Koala’s March
These little cookies are a staple in any Japanese Snack Box because they’re incredibly popular with a good message (save the Koala’s!). They’re crispy cookies that aren’t too sweet, emblazoned with different koala image and filled with creamy chocolate.


Onion Taro
Speaking of staples, I can’t think of one snack box that doesn’t include these little onion flavored corn puffs at least once it its lifetime. Personally these aren’t my thing but I know many who love them, our very own D Lys included.

Peppered Soybean Jerky
I honestly didn’t have the heart to try this – not only am I not a fan of jerky, I’m not a fan of soybeans x.x;

tokyotreat-6DIY Kit Nyoki Nyoki Cororon
Each premium sized box includes a DIY kit! If you’ve followed the blog for awhile you know I have no penchant for these kits… yeah that hasn’t changed.  Every single DIY kit I’ve ever tried has failed miserably.

O’Zack Hot Carnival Chili Lime Flavor
These remind me a lot of the extra spicy doritos (the ones in black bags). but with a heavier spice to them. They’re actually quite tasty but wooow they’re a lot hotter than you’d expect.


Kinoko No Yama – Chestnut Chocolate Autumn Edition
These are another staple in these boxes – they’re cookies shaped like mushrooms and dipped in chocolate. What makes these special is the very subtle chestnut flavoring the cookies have. It’s kind of hard to distinguish but it’s definitely there.

LOOK Chocolates Purple Sweet Potato and Chestnut Chocolate
LOOK chocolates are so super creamy and decadent, it’s one of my favorite chocolates ever in Japan. These are thin chocolates filled with two different types of cream, one purple sweet potato and the other is a  heavily flavored chestnut filling that’s a cross between a nougat and a cream texture. The sweet potato is a bit more savory than the chestnut.


Premium Hi-Chew Chardonnay White Grape Flavor
Ah I love hi-chew. It’s similar to a starburst albeit with a more subtle flavoring and a bit of a chewier texture. This flavor has a bit of a “bite” to it while being refreshing.

Bubbly Salty Lemonade Puccho Gummy
Mmmm salty lemonade. These fizz on the tongue like soda, and taste really refreshing as well but they have an innate sourness to them.

Wasabi Nori Taro
I just have no like for this product, though I know it’s way popular in Japan.


Uncle Pierre’s Strawberry Cream Roll
Ahhh Japanese Little Debbie cakes only much better! :D The filling tastes like actual strawberry and not the artificial stuff, while the roll is very, very soft.

Pipo Chocolate
Mmmm little mini chocolate balls in a mini whistle cigar, what’s not the love?

Hip Hop Berry Soft Candy Stick
I love these things! They’re really soft and chewy, while being highly flavored. They’re really delicious.


TokyoTreat also included a special sticker and a set of chopsticks. TokyoTreat is easily one of my most favorite subscription boxes due to the sheer variety and types of treats you get. For Black Friday you can get $10 off your premium size Tokyo Treat or Yume Twins with code BLACKFRIDAY and if you subscribe to 3 months or more, you’ll get all kinds of Ghibli goodies!

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