New Box Alert – JBOX Stationery & Kawaii Box (Plus Snack Boxes and a 5% off Coupon!)


Lots of new goodies from JBox today. Last year they had a “snack sampler box” but they re-branded from JList and started releasing mystery boxes every few weeks (including a sailor moon one that yours truly missed). They’ve also expanded their shop to include more obscure candies and snacks, like my personal favorite salty snack, Aerial, which I paid a small fortune for on eBay last year. Grrrr. Note that all of these boxes ship worldwide straight out of Japan and their shipping fees vary per country. Prices of the boxes are listed in USD.

You can receive 5% off your purchase with code MOE-016-4HZ2ES.

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From JBox:

This is a fun limited mystery box set for our customers which contains tons of great stuff you will love. The set contains around 10 items with a total value of $45 or more but we’re offering it at a much lower price. Hint: the set contains one poach bag, one Japanese pen, one towel, one Japanese eraser plus other stuff. What other cool items will be in your box?

Please note, these are in limited availability so grab yours while supplies last!

This box is USD 16.50$ plus shipping (varies) and it does ship worldwide. Click here to get it.

The mystery boxes sell out and the themes change quite often, so grab it while you can.


Every month JBOX releases a special “Blind Value Box” which has snacks randomly selected from their shop. July also has the special edition Pepsi Strong which is only available in Japan at the moment.

Here’s a special snack box set for those who love Japanese snacks. This is the J-List Blind Value Snack Box that’s chockfull of delicious snacks from Japan. The contents are a great value for those who want to sample Japan’s best snacks including the new Japan Limited Pepsi Strong 5.0gv. Wow! Get your own blind value box now!

This box is 20$ USD and you can get it here. Ships worldwide!

Orion Dagashi Set

In Japan, the traditional candy eaten in the Showa Period (before and after World War II) is known as dagashi, and it holds a special place in the nostalgic minds of Japanese people. Here’s a unique way to sample some of these delicious foods, with a big set of awesome dagashi candies. You get four cola/ramune like candies in the shape of drinks, ume flavored candies, classic caramels just like our parents used to eat, and more.

This box is 7.50$ USD and you can get it here.


Dagashi Sampler Sets

There are four different sets in this collection, each of a varying size and price. The unique thing about these boxes is that all the contents are revealed beforehand so you can pick the one with the snacks you like.

Here’s a special treat for fans of Dagashi Kashi, the fun anime and manga series about traditional Japanese snacks. This is the DAGASHIKASHI Dagashi Set featuring the delicious treats found in volume three of the Dagashi Kashi manga.

Set 01 contains 13 snacks and is 12$ USD. Get it here.
Set 02 contains 17 snacks including a drink and is 28$ USD. Get it here.
Set 03 contains 13 snacks and is 25$ USD. Get it here.
Set 04 contains 14 snacks and is 25$ USD. Get it here.

Are you getting any of these boxes? Use code MOE-016-4HZ2ES to save 5% off your order!


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          1. No not really if you use EMS you get it faster but its the most expensive if you use SAL with tracking its reasonable but if you use SAL without tracking good chance it gonna take a month to get to you

  1. Thanks for the heads-up! Although your discount code didn’t work for me, based on your alert I spotted and ordered the JBox Cat Mystery Set Meow Meow for $23.00 + $7.80 SAL shipping to Alaska which came in on 8/1 (though the post office misplaced my package, so I didn’t get it for another week). The box had five items – a small Handy White Cat plush (similar to the mini TsumTsums), a grey/tiger cat finger puppet strap, a black “I’m Sorry” pose cat tail magnet hook, a pair of black anklet socks with paw prints on the bottom, and my favorite – a grumpy brown plush cat coin purse labeled as a “Gamya-Guchi Japanese Style Case Charm”. I was able to price all of the items – or a variant there of – on the site except for the socks. Based on the costs of the footie cat socks and the similar cat socks I ordered in the spring, I estimated them as between $4-6. Total value was $32-35, so I came out a little ahead.

    As of this evening, there was one Meow Meow box left.

    1. I think the code had maybe a week left when I posted this originally, I don’t always get a chance to go back and edit each deal post ^^”

      That box sounds adorable, and it looks like they’re doing one a month in a random theme. That plush, socks and the coin purse sound super cute!

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