PetGiftBox – March 2015 Review & Coupon!

PetGiftBox is a newer subscription box for both Cats and Dogs, that’s incredibly affordable and filled with lots of goodies to “gift” to your pet. My four little monsters are pretty spoiled already but I can’t resist a cat box; there’s so few of them compared to the dog boxes out there.

17.99$ Per Month
Ships via USPS

Use code beeju to save 25% off your first box!

pgbsophieThis little intruder (Sophie) wasn’t having any part of me taking photos of her box, especially when he had the sweet scent of catnip and feathers sticking out of it. Something I love about all the cat boxes (we have a list of them here), is that the cats truly know that the box is for them. They get so excited when the pet boxes roll around.

pgbheadThis box was personalized, both the shipping label and the inner label were made out to my cats. I have Luna (12), Artemis (7), Discha (7), and Sophie, (5). Only Sophie was a rescue cat, the other three were adopted from families trying to get rid of the kittens. Unfortunately I live in an area that doesn’t have any sort of animal shelter. Sophie was a foster for a community run program that had started sometime after I adopted Discha. Artemis and Discha are also from the same litter, and are Maine Coons (which is a fancy term for ultra big and fluffy).

pgbcardEach pet gift box comes with an info card, front and back; this side details their referral program, and a helpful tip.

pgbcard2The other side details the items and their retail price. This months theme was March Meow Madness – which, by the way, has anyone’s bracket been just completely obliterated? C’mon Kentucky!

pgbsoph2This months box is being Godzilla’d contained 7 different items, 6 full size, 1 sample, 1 treat bag. All of the items in the box are from nationally recognized brands, none of it is made by an Etsy artisan.

[gbunboxThe box contained from the brand SPOT:

Plush Fish and Feathers – 5.99
– Eco Friend Corn Husk Ball – 5.99
This toy is pretty hefty, but my kitties love it for scratching.
– Catnip Cuddle Pals – 4.99
Appropriate for Easter, which is surprisingly close…
– Slotted Balls – 4.99
Your quintessential cat toy, typically found under sofas everywhere.
– Flickr Fun Ostrich – 6.99
Sophie gravitated toward this ostrich (I think it had a catnip scent), and it’s almost like they’re batting around a lazer.
pgballFrom the other brands:

– Licks Home Feeding Aid – 3.99
I got this in a previous pet box and I always like having it around; I’ve had several instances where feeding a cat medicine is a chore and I always come out of it with battle wounds.
– Zukes G-Zees Treats – 4.99
I don’t think it’s possible to make a good smelling cat treat. These are made grain free and with glucosamine (for healthy joints!). They come square shaped.

pgbtreatsArtemis is a bit of a glutton so he always loves the treats. Sophie loved the light up toy, Discha claimed everything as her own, and Luna just likes the attention.

pgbderpPetGiftBox is an excellent box if you’re looking for something fresh and affordable to spoil your furbabies with. When you factor in the retail price and shipping, this box had a value of over 40$, but for the 17.99$ price tag it’s practically a steal. If interested in PetGiftbox, you can get 25% off your first box by using code beeju and clicking here.

PR Sample. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.
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