Meowbox – August 2014 Review

Meowbox is a cat subscription box for US kitties, Canadian kitties, and most recently, UK kitties. Meowbox supports artisans who create handmade cat toys, and all edible items are carefully researched and sourced from Canada or the US. They’re also a supporter of local animal shelters and are involved with the rescue of kitties in need. It’s a cat box with a mission! Meowbox very kindly sent my four little loves this box to review. <3
$32.95 Per Month – Free Shipping!
Ships the 15th
Use Code BEEJU10 to save 10%!

meowopenThere’s something about the cat boxes – they know the box is for them. Maybe it’s the catnip? Maybe it’s the fact I threw it on the floor and let them have at it? Regardless cat boxes are always incredibly popular here.

meowbox Luna (12) is the short-haired ginger with a green collar. Artemis (8) is the huge black/brown tabby and the only boy, Discha (8) is the huge buff ginger who has a pom pom tail (she’s regrowing from a Lion cut), and Sophie (3) is the white siamese tabby. Isn’t the box personalization nice? I love the attention to detail. It’s so sweet!

meowcard2 meowcardEach box comes with an info card detailing the items, their usage/materials, where you can buy more and their country of origin. Meowbox only sources the edibles they send from the US or Canada. I especially loved knowing they were locally sourced items – far too many pet food recalls lately. I tend to be an ingredient conscious pet parent, especially when they would rather act like unruly children and chew on Q-Tips or whatever poor insect soul manages to find its way in. :/

This is probably a good time to mention that there will be a lot of ACTION SHOT! images because cats move around yo.

sophieboxThe August box came with six items.

meowpodsLICKS Feeding Aids
I’m saving these just in case I ever need them. There was a point where I almost lost Artemis due to a blockage when he was a kitten (It was a reaction to the cat food I was buying him at the time). He wouldn’t eat and getting the behemoth to take medicine is impossible so these would have been wonderful to have. I didn’t know products like this existed, so I’m really happy to have them.

meowcandyHauspanther Taffy Roll
Isn’t it cute? This is a good sized cat toy made from fleece that easily rolls around. I sprayed some catnip spray on it and it and it became a bunny kicker! I like the size, it’s probably a medium size toy.They’d rather chew on the ends instead of roll it around.

meowtoy lunatacoEco Pup Catnip Toys
I think this is supposed to be shaped like ice cream with a spoon in it (I’m guessing, don’t quote me on that), and it’s a wool felt toy filled with catnip. Luna loved it! This is a Canadian toy and I love that they included a coupon for subscribers!

meowkick lunasoph lunakickerThe EmPURRium Catnip Kicker
Easily one of the most popular items in the box was this lengthy catnip toy with strings on the end. They fought over this kicker, Sophie loved it, Artemis nearly licked the coloring off, and Luna stole it from Sophie. It’s a soft yet sturdy toy, perfect for bunny kicks! It’s their favorite toy from the box too! It also makes an excellent pillow.

dischabox meowsalm dischamineSnack 21 Salmon Snacks
These are 100% dried salmon. They smell like dried salmon. They feel like dried salmon. Cats go ballistic for them because they’re dried salmon. I couldn’t get Discha to stay out of the bag. These are another Canadian offering and these treats are all natural and full of good vitamins.

meowfoodWellness Healthy Indulgence Turkey & Duck
Let me refer you to the following three semi-blurry photos when gauging their reaction to this food – *Hint: Watch Artemis

yum1 yum2 yum3Sophie’s fine, I promise, lol. Can you tell they love this pouch of wet food?

allnomnomIn hindsight I should have divided it up between two plates. Regardless they devoured this pouch. I don’t think they’ve ever eaten anything so quickly in their lives. They’re all natural pouches that contains a lot of liquid. I can’t see where you can order these online but I will be on the lookout for them if I find them in a store.

UntitledThere’s a lot of things I love about this box – the locally sourced ingredients, the pledge to help animal shelters, the personalization. This is an excellent cat box and it’s available in a lot of countries that other boxes aren’t! This box is open to residents of US, Canada and most recently, the UK. Their favorites was the wet food, the salmon treats, and the catnip kicker. Overall we loved this box, they certainly felt spoiled and I loved the high quality items. I know I’ll be buying some goodies – which is why I really appreciate the URL of each company on the info card. :D

If you’re interested in this box, you can subscribe by clicking here. Use code BEEJU10 to get 10% off your subscription! Your kitties will love it – mine sure did!

Beeju was sent this complimentary box to review. All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.


Beeju owns this joint. She's got a Master's degree in Media Communications and Marketing and does a lot of website stuff which usually breaks it. Also cats.

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