Cate & Chloe VIP Box – March 2014 Welcome Freebie

Cate & Chloe is a jewelry subscription service that deals in classics rather than ultra-trendy gem-laden bulky-sized statement pieces. Cate & Chloe delivers a box twice a month, and it can be customized to your preferences. For example, I don’t have pierced ears so I requested not to receive earrings. At least one of the pieces per month is part of an unreleased collection. Subscribers also get 20% off any new purchase, which is helpful since most of their collection retails for over 100$. It’s like getting a really expensive present every month! Woohoo! This box is a freebie you get for signing up, and the free third piece of jewelry is a limited time offer.

Cate & Chloe VIP Box
Price: $39.99 per month – Free Shipping!

photo 1

Each box comes in a padded white envelope, and inside is this box wrapped in a very high quality silk ribbon. This one was black (obviously), but I’ve seen other boxes where the ribbon was gold, and others where it was sheer. People tend to not review Cate & Chloe, my guess is because the boxes are more personalized rather than just throw 400 things in the same box and press go, or they could be like the Birchbox syndrome where there’s at least 10 different variations on the same box each month. It’s very possible too that the subscription blogs I follow just don’t subscribe to Cate&Chloe, but reviews in general seem sparse. I’m rambling. On to the pretty!

photo 2

What I truly love about Cate & Chloe (and what ultimately cinched the deal for me since that 40$ price tag is a wee bit outside my budget is the fact that if you get an item you don’t love, you can exchange it for something you do, no problem!

photo 3

The very first thing I did was proclaim to the high heavens that my box was broken because I could not for the life of me pull it open. It turns out it has to be untied first, and once I did that, everything went a lot smoother. In the white box is the little jewelry holder, and the VIP welcome card which was personalized with my name (which was an awesome touch, like thank you Cate&Chloe Stylist!). The card came with your personalized 20% off code to use whenever you shop.

photo 4

My welcome box contained this gorgeousness in all it’s lovely glory that my camera simply cannot capture. This sucker is huuuuge too, and it’s from their now-released Diana collection, inspired by the late Princess Diana, and is a simulated diamond. According to the Cate & Chloe website, this necklace retails for $115 dollars, and it looks it.

photo 5

The chain it comes with is sterling silver too, though I personally switched the chain out due to it being on the short side. It came with an extension, but it still dropped it to about 18″, and I have a wee bit of a thick neck so I switch to a chain that was 20″. It looks much, much better with it’s original chain though, and again my camera simply lacks the ability to take decent photos of this lovely thing.

photo 1(1)

That’s a little better. This showcases the different chain. I wish I could properly describe the depth this stone has, but it’s beyond the capabilities of my camera. Either way if you love jewelry, especially classic and expensive looking jewelry that isn’t costumey, definitely give Cate&Chloe a try.  It’s a great box with a lot of surprise!



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