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At Good Habit, our mission is to inspire, empower and support you to create the best version of yourself by delivering healthy meal options when you need them most.

We believe that living a healthy and happy life starts with good habits. It’s easier to make good choices about what you eat when the options fit your lifestyle and delight your tastebuds.

Whether it’s in your desk drawer, your gym bag or your handbag, we provide delicious, clean, simple food options to make sure good habits are always within reach.

We believe that giving back is another good habit, so for every Good Habit Box purchased, one meal is donated to a child in need. We want to help end childhood hunger— in our neighborhoods and around the world.


We Hand-Craft 5 Themed, Non-GMO snacks each month and send them directly to you. Shipping is always free and we ship boxes during the first full week of the month!


Sips by offers a personalized tea discovery box that matches you with different teas you’ll enjoy from different brands around the world.

Each month, 4 teas are matched to you based on your Sips by™ tea profile. Your teas will make 15+ cups or 45+ re-steeped cups. Disposable tea bags are included in your box for loose leaf teas.

All boxes include:

  • 4 premium teas from different brands around the world
  • Sips by™ Personalized Tea Curation Service
  • Each box makes 15+ cups (45+ if they re-steep)
  • Reusable and biodegradable filters (as needed)
  • Steeping guidelines and tasting notes
  • Exclusive offers with brand partners
  • MY SIPS profile page
  • Recipes and lessons created by tea experts with their teas
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