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KitNipBox – 19$-29$ Per Month + International Shipping
KitNipBox is devoted to cat happiness and safety. They source all of their items from US vendors, including local artisans. There are two box options, a 19$ option and a 29$ option. Boxes arrive by the 10th of each month.
KitNipBox Reviews

MeowBox – 32.95$  Per Month
Meowbox.com personalizes the box especially for kitty, sourcing fun toys, treats and sometimes actual food pouches.
Meowbox.com Review

CatPax – 26$ Per Month
CatPax donates a portion of the proceeds to a new CatPax partner shelter each month. Run by kitties, for kitties.

Pet Gift Box – 17.99$ Per Month
Gift your baby a box just for them! Contains items from nationally recognized brands, such as toys, treats and hygiene.
Pet Gift Box Review

MeowBox – 25$ Per Month
There’s actually two MeowBoxes, and they’re not affiliated with each other. This version is similar to every other box in promising it deals only with the most exclusive goodies for your cat.

PetBox – 9.95$ – 59.95$ Per Month
The price discrepancy depends on size; this subscription does let you customize what you want to put in your pets box at a specific price point. The snack offering is the cheapest and gets you two bags of treats for 9.95$. If you choose this sub, upgrade your cat to the higher versions – the treats aren’t worth the price (unless you get the dog equivalent, this is one sub where the cats are the afterthought).
PetBox Snack Box Reviews

Spoiled Rotten Box by PetFlow – 29.99$ Per Month
This cat box is pretty neat as it actually accepts returns! They send out a large crate of goodies for your cat each month around the middle of the month – goodies may be food, toys and accessories.

Litter One – 25$ Per Month
A disposable litterbox subscription, definitely a unique idea for multiple cat households, or those who just hate the smell of clay litter.


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