Shades Club – June 2019 Review

Shades Club

$29.00 per month

Free US Shipping

Here’s the rundown on Shades Club from my previous reviews:

Shades Club is a sunglasses subscription box that delivers quality stylish sunglasses for an affordable price by cutting out the middleman. Here’s the price rundown: a monthly recurring sub will run you $29/month, a 4 month sub $112, a 6 month $162, and a 12 month $288. Gift subs are available. The first box you receive will also contain a fold-up case per the description on the 4, 6, and 12 month subs (though this does not appear in the description for the monthly sub). Shades Club also states that their sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee in case anything happens to them. When subscribing, you can choose men’s or women’s.

This month there was no info card that came in the box, so I have no idea what the design is called.

Plain pouch this month.

This month’s offering is a large tortoiseshell frame with clear sides and gray lenses. They’re still fun, especially with the clear sides, but definitely more classic than the pink pair last month.

The clear sidepieces with the tortoiseshells stripe are my favorite thing about these sunglasses.

Strangely absent this month is any type of branding or print on the shades themselves. There’s no “Shades” on the lens, no stickman logo, and no info about the glasses themselves (where it was made/designed, the name of the design/colorway, etc…) I wonder if this is just a fluke thing, or if it will continue in future months. Still, I really do like this design and have found this pair good for everyday wear. They’re comfy and go well with summer outfits. Fingers crossed next month with bring back the unusual colors! Interested in Shades Club? Check them out here.

PR Sample. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. 

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