Bokksu – January 2019 Review

Into 2019 we go! Happy (belated) Golden New Year ~ the theme of January’s absolutely gorgeous box.

Look at that beautiful white and gold box!

The Classic Bokksu subscription features 20-25 snacks curated around a monthly theme, and a tea pairing.

$39/month with free shipping worldwide!

Bokksu also features a Tasting Bokksu subscription for $25/month, which includes 8-10 snacks and a tea pairing. And they now have a Vegetarian option, also $39/month!

Use code BEEJUto get $5 off your first box with any Classic or Tasting Bokksu subscription!

Both boxes are available at a slight discount with longer subscriptions.

Life update, for those who are interested: this has not been my Golden New Year just yet haha. In the span of a few weeks, I got into a car accident (that was not my fault), my kitchen sink backed up and overflowed while I was out, and my apartment ceiling sprang a leak. It’s been crazy! So even though I’ve been slow reviewing these, I definitely appreciate them as a little bright spot amongst the life admin insanity!

Bokksu always has such beautiful information cards! The cover of this one has Kinkakuji pavilion on it, a Buddhist temple that is made of gold. Inside there are blurbs about every single snack in the box, as well as a map telling you where each one came from.

In the info card, Bokksu also describes some Japanese New Year’s traditions. One of them is the osechi-ryori, or New Year’s Meal, which involves a decorated bento box full of treats that symbolize long life and vitality. This January box is Bokksu’s bento box to us!

Kinako Mochi Cookie

Okay, I admit. My inner twelve-year-old boy giggled at the illustration on the wrapper. But aside from that, this was a delightfully nutty (hehe) cookie! Flavored with kinako, or roasted soybean powder, this little cookie also has mochi pieces sprinkled throughout for some extra chew. It reminds me a little of peanut butter, but with a richer and smokier taste.

Golden Financier

This French cake is made with almond flour and flavored with a richly sweet brown butter. It’s moist and delicate, and decadent in a simple way. The name comes from the fact that it’s shaped like a bar of gold – so fancy!

Black Sesame Kinako Chocolate Azuki Beans

According to the info card, these red beans come from the Tokachi region of Hokkaido, where they’re made into amanatto, or sweet fermented beans. These sweet beans are then dipped in white chocolate and rolled in black sesame and kinako powder for a contrasting sugary sweetness and nutty flavor.

Rasucre White Chocolate Rusk

O.M.G. If you’ve read my reviews before, you know how much I adore rusks, or sweet twice-baked baguette slices. But this one is covered in white chocolate! It’s so buttery and sweet, and really makes the already-wonderful rusk even better!

Matcha Crunch

These little shortbread cookies have a matcha and white chocolate outside layer. It’s buttery and sweet, with a light earthy tea flavor, basically as if an afternoon tea break was rolled into one cookie!

Cheese Curry Rice Cracker

These rice crackers are crunchy and salty, and have a very realistic curry powder taste! I don’t taste too much cheese unfortunately, but it’s still an interesting cracker, with a unique shape too – I like that it doesn’t follow the typical circle senbei shape.

Garitto Cheese

These little cookies taste like if cheese was a sweet dessert! Garitto cheese is from Hokkaido and has a slightly sweet flavor, as well as a crunchy crumbly texture. The cookie around it is buttery and sweet, which brings out the salty of the cheese without making it overwhelming.

Fried Seaweed with Blue Cheese

WOW! These are little pieces of fried seaweed with blue cheese flavor. The cheese is nutty and delightful, and the seaweed has the perfect sea salt/fried taste of an elevated chip. They’re seriously just delightful, and I’m trying hard right now to not eat the whole bag.

Ebi Crunch

According to Bokksu, every osechi-ryori includes ebi, or shrimp. These little rice crackers have shrimp flavor, soy sauce, curry powder, garam masala, and black pepper, which all combine to give quite a quick. Unfortunately I don’t taste too much of the shrimp, mostly just soy sauce and curry, which is an interesting flavor itself but I was hoping for shrimp!

Onigiri Senbei Okonomiyaki Sauce

I love onigiri, which are triangle shaped rice balls, and okonomiyaki, which are a savory pancake. So to get little senbei crackers (mini onigiri!) with okonomiyaki sauce is really a hybrid of three Japanese snacks! These are crispy and salty and flavored with furikake, a dry seasoning usually made with seaweed pieces, sesame, and/or sea salt.

Bake Cookie Rilakkuma

Last but certainly not least – Rilakkuma! This classic little teddy bear is here to celebrate his birthday, as well as the birthday of the company that made these cute little cookies! Bake cookies are little pieces of chocolate cake that honestly just taste like pure fluffy chocolate. They’re rich and decadent and topped with a little butter cookie to carry the wonderful chocolate flavor.

Pure Gyokuro

This is the first Bokksu-branded tea! Its name means “jade dew” – isn’t that absolutely beautiful? It’s a lovely high grade green tea with a beautiful green color. I’ve been attempting to do intermittent fasting lately, and since I can’t drink coffee without cream and sugar, I’ve turned to tea instead. This is fresh and sweet and helps me wake up in the morning without going overboard on the caffeine.

Overall, what a delightful New Years box! It certainly had a lot of traditional quality ingredients that you would certainly find to celebrate the big holiday. I absolutely loved the seaweed with blue cheese and the garitto cheese cookies (do I just love cheese?). The ebi crunch and curry chips were a miss for me – while I do love curry, the curry in these two snacks overwhelmed the other flavors. But I feel like there was definitely a spike in quality with this month’s box, and I can’t wait to unwrap more from Bokksu!

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