Shades Club – February 2019 Review

Shades Club

$45.00 per month

Free US Shipping

Shades Club is a sunglasses subscription box that delivers quality stylish polarized sunglasses for an affordable price by cutting out the middleman. Here’s the price rundown: a monthly recurring sub will run you $45/month, a 4 month sub $112, a 6 month $162, and a 12 month $288. Gift subs are available. The first box you receive will also contain a fold-up case. Shades Club also states that their sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee in case anything happens to them. When subscribing, you can choose men’s or women’s.

One thing I should mention is the customer service aspect of this sub. I received my February shades last Saturday, but when I opened the box I found that one of the lenses had slightly popped out of the frame. I tried to gently press it back into place, but couldn’t get it to seat properly. I shot Shades Club customer care an email and attached a photo of my issue, they responded the next day, and by Monday they had shipped out a replacement. Easy peasy! I was definitely impressed with the ease and efficiency with which I got my replacement sunglasses.

This month’s theme is Yacht Party!

The other side of the small card features a glimpse at the four colorways offered for the month. One thing to note with Shades Club is that the lenses will always be polarized.

February’s drawstring pouch has the theme printed on it for easy identification (if you are like me and have 20 pairs of sunglasses in a drawer).



This design makes me think of Harry Potter taking a tropical vacation. I shouldn’t like these, but I DOOOOOOOOOO. I am a complete sucker for blue mirror lenses (second only to red mirror lenses in my book – Cyclops chic please!!). The blue works well in combination with the tortoiseshell frames. As usual, the hinges are tight and these fit comfortably on my giant head.

As you can see here, I received the Saint Tropez variation this month.

In last month’s review, I showed what the delightful folding case looked like flat. Here you can see it actually unfolded into a case. I’ve been using this obsessively.

After December’s classic aviators and January’s simple wayfarers, February’s more unique design was very welcome and proudly worn. I’m looking forward to expanding my sunglasses collection in the coming months. If Shades Club ever decides to feature a pair of shield sunglasses, I might actually die. Interested in Shades Club? Check them out here.

Note: At the time of me writing this review, it does not appear you can purchase these sunglasses outside of a subscription on the Shades Club website. However, the company is currently running a Kickstarter for version 2.0 of the subscription over here. Personally, I’m excited for some of the things pictured there.

PR Sample. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own. There’s no such thing as too many pairs of sunglasses.

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