Snakku – November 2018 Review

You checked your calendar, didn’t you? Yep – it’s November in February! But don’t worry, Snakku brings the heat with wasabi and cools it down with yuzu!

Snakku has two subscription styles:

The Signature Box ~ available for $38.95/month including free international shipping (and in 3 and 6 month prepaid plans with a slight discount).

The Tasting Box ~ available for $15.75/month including shipping, but only in the US.

Somehow the coordinated green color scheme of this box is so appealing to me. Snakku always packages their boxes well – there are plenty of goodies that fit snugly together for safe travel.

In November, Snakku switched it up by featuring two ingredients: wasabi and yuzu! I would not expect the two to go together, but here we are. Wasabi is probably the better known of the two: a green condiment that has a horseradish kick (but isn’t actually horseradish!) that most people enjoy for the first time with sushi. Yuzu is a citrus fruit that is a little sweeter and less tart than most citrus fruits you’d think of.

Snakku included this lovely information card to describe each snack and give a brief ingredient list. I learned that 90% of the wasabi out there isn’t real wasabi, because real wasabi is actually quite difficult to grow and produce. Interesting! I’ll be sure to keep an eye out next time I have it.

Yuzu Awase Cookie

These little cookies! Yum! The cookie is a soft buttery cookie that has a nice doughy bend to it and a touch of sugary sweetness. It’s filled with a white bean, honey, and yuzu filling that is sweet, tart, and jelly-like. There are so many different textures and type of sweetness in one treat!

Yuzu Cake

This soft sugary cake is filled with 100% yuzu jelly that balances the sweet of the cake (it’s almost an angel food cake texture) with the tartness of the citrus fruit. These yuzu cakes are from Oita prefecture and actually won the 2008 National Confectionary Competition, so you know they’re good

Wasabi Senbei

These crackers are made by a farm that produces 400,000 wasabi plants each year and was founded in 1915! They’ve definitely made me reconsider what I know about wasabi. The flavor is a lot less punchy than typical (probably fake) wasabi that I’ve had; it’s more peppery and green. These senbei are less salty than other ones I’ve tried as well, which lets the authentic wasabi flavor come through.

Wasabi Wafer

Okay, sweet dessert wasabi? Unexpected! These sweet crispy wafer cookies surround a white chocolate-wasabi blend, and are made with ingredients from local farms in the Shinano Japan region. I don’t get too much wasabi here, just a light taste, but it’s an interesting treat nonetheless.

Wasabi KitKat

Unfortunately, I get even less wasabi flavor in these KitKats. I think the white chocolate from these was a little too overpowering, so there’s little to no wasabi coming through. It’s still a great KitKat though, and somehow I find this green shade very soothing (even though it’s supposed to represent a flavor as intense as wasabi!).

Nori Wasabi Okome

To me, wasabi does better in combination with salty flavors, so pairing it with these seaweed flavored rice puffs is a win in my book! Salty from the seaweed, crunchy from the puff, and a little peppery kick from the wasabi. And they’re healthy too because they’re baked!

Wasabi Soy Jagabee

I love jagabee snacks! They’re like little baked french fries, with a hint of salty soy sauce. These have a hint of wasabi that works perfectly. Maybe I need to start putting wasabi on my fries!?

Wasabi Seaweed

Seaweed is one of the most versatile foods – it can be eaten separately as a snack, or paired with rice for a full meal. These pieces are bite size and dried to a perfect crispness, then salted with seaweed salt and actual dried wasabi bits.

Yuzu Candy

These little hard candies come from the mountains of Hyogo, and are made with local yuzu and mountain spring water! They’re refreshing and sweet, with a light citrus flavor that isn’t cloying or overpowering.

Yuzu Koshiyo Senbei

These rice crackers are sprinkled with yuzu salt and black pepper from Oita prefecture. It gives them a tart taste (think the lime flavor from a Tostito’s chip, but elevated!) that is offset with a little peppery kick. The senbei are extra crisp too!

Overall, this was certainly a unique box from Snakku, as I never expected yuzu and wasabi to be paired together. They really knocked it out with the sweet yuzu treats and the salty wasabi snacks, but I can’t say I was a big fan of the sweet wasabi options! My favorites were probably the yuzu awase, the wasabi jagabee chips, and the nori wasabi senbei. What did you guys love??

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