Nourish Beauty Box January 2019 Review + Coupon

Nourish Beauty Box is a clean beauty subscription box featuring only paraben-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan products from indie brands. Each month’s box contains 4 full-size makeup or skincare products. The box costs $29.95 per month with a subscription and $45 for a single purchase. Use code: SYMISH15 to get 15% off your first order.

This is a review of January 2019’s box.

Everything in this month’s box.

Each box includes an information card describing the items in the box.

Seraphine Botanicals Pink Salt + Apricot Hair Texturizing Mist ($22) – This hair mist smells as amazing as it looks!  It contains Apricot, Beetroot, and Tangerine. It is formulated to gently hydrate & revive broken tresses. Infused with Himalayan Pink Rock Salt that helps boost hair texture and its natural waves, as well as essential oils that leave your hair smelling beautifully of citrus and notes of sweet mango. It is very light in texture. I love that it adds a bit volumn to my hair, but it doesn’t make it feel oily.

A swatch of the mist on my hand.

Nayelle Cleanse Facial Wash ($27) – CLEANSE is a mild cleansing cream that gently cleanses the skin off makeup and environmental pollutants. It has been tested in an independent study to be gentle and non-irritating.  The cleanser is enriched with gentle exfoliating bamboo and rich minerals from natural glacial oceanic clay. It has a citrusy scent. I was surprised how well it works to remove my light makeup as well as gently exfoliate. I’m intrigued to find out more about the brand.

The texture of the CLEANSE cleanser.

Peony Cosmetics Wonder Bloom in “Blushed Dahlia” ($15) – I LOVE PEONY’S EYESHADOWS! Blushed Dahlia contains a pink and a blue shade. I think the small size makes it perfect for traveling while the two contrasting colors can be incorporated into different makeup looks. The ultra-soft, creamy powder formula is infused with micro-pearls to provide an extra layer of shimmer and to elevate color intensity without creasing or fading.

Swatches of the eyeshadow. How subtle yet gorgeous!

Elements of Aliel Love Cleanser ($29) – This African Black Soap based cleanser is infused with organic cocoa and hibiscus flower powders to add moisture, even skin tone and sooth irritations. This is not your usual cleanser look or texture, but it works well to remove makeup and dirts. I can’t really describe the scent ( herbal medicine? petroleum?), but it’s not very pleasant to my nose. It’s also a bit hard to rinse off and it leaves a film after rinsing. My skin does feel moisturized without any irritation after using it though.

Inside the cleanser bottle.

Swatches while using the cleanser.

Overall, I think this is a decent box from Nourish beauty box. I love that they are exploring new natural beauty brands and also keeping the favorite brand products in the box. The only minor problem I had for this box was that there were two cleansers in the same box.


I'm Symi. I just got my PhD degree in Biochem and I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
Favorite things: All kawaii stuff, Asian beauty, dresses, nail polish, jewelry, lifestyle items, glitter, heart-shaped things
Least favorite things: Boxes that lie about being completely customizable, completely made up ingredients in skincare products.
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