Shades Club – December 2018 & January 2019 Review

Shades Club

$45.00 per month

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Shades Club is a sunglasses subscription box that aims to deliver quality stylish sunglasses for an affordable price by cutting out the middleman. A monthly recurring sub will run you $45/month, a 4 month sub $112, a 6 month $162, and a 12 month $288. Gift subs are available. Your first box will also feature a fold-up case (more on that later!). One fantastic feature of Shades Club is that their sunglasses come with a 1 year guarantee in case, well, life happens. When subscribing, you can choose men’s or women’s. I am assuming this refers to the fit, as both designs I received were unisex. I received both the December and January shades for review.

Both pairs of sunglasses arrived in a branded Shades Club box that was jam packed with airbags, preventing the sunglasses from shifting around inside the box. Seriously, these things were not going anywhere.

So true.

Shades Club doesn’t play around with packaging. Inside the box is another box.

Each box contained a little info card with the style name, as well as which color variation you got. While each month features a single style of shades, you can receive one of a few different colorways.

The December style was the Jetsetter Aviator, with each colorway inspired by a different city in Colombia.

Your sunglasses come in this soft drawstring microfiber pouch, which helps keep the lenses lint free and doubles as a cleaning cloth.

Hello, beautiful.

I received the Cali variation of the Jetsetter aviators, featuring dark green lenses, gold frames, and tortoiseshell earpieces. Guuuuuuuuh. I love aviators, you guys. They’re my absolute favorite style of sunglasses. Period. However, because I love aviators I can be very picky when it comes to them. That being said, these are fantastic. The frames are thin and lightweight, but don’t feel the slightest bit cheap or flimsy. The hinges are nice and tight, so the sidepieces don’t flop around everywhere, which is the first indication of a bad pair of sunglasses. These fit comfortably on my giant head. The lenses are polarized, a nice touch.

Little details are everywhere on these glasses.
The stick figure logo is adorable.

The January pair was from the Snowbirds collection.

Not to be outdone by December’s colorways, January offers five variations.

They’re wayfarers! While the aviators were great for fashion, these are better for utility. I wore my navy and white pair while shoveling snow multiple times (*sob*). These took a beating but held up like a champ, despite being very very lightweight. Once again, the lenses are polarized. This colorway is a bit more classic, which is not necessarily my cup of tea, though Shades Club does offer this style in a matte white frame with blue mirrored lenses (*stares longingly*). Just like the aviators, the fit on these was very comfortable.

You can see the branding on the lens.
Once again, Shades Club makes the little details count.

This sturdy little envelope comes with your first pair of Shades Club sunglasses and unfolds to become a hard travel case for your current favorite pair. If you’re like me and often have zero space in your crammed purse, this is a godsend, as it takes up very little room while you’re wearing your glasses.


Want a different colorway than the one you got? You can purchase them in the Shades Club shop, though they will set you back the full cost of $95. The folding case is also available there for $40. This makes you truly appreciate the 4, 6, and 12 month subs, which offer an enormous discount on each pair. Both pairs of glasses that I received were excellent quality (especially those aviators!!), and I appreciated that the style received varied from month to month. It definitely appears that the designs are meant to be an affordable alternative to expensive designer frames while still maintaining a sense of fashion and quality. As someone who has shelled out for more than a few of said designer frames….I can really appreciate what Shades Club is doing. Interested in Shades Club? Check them out here.

PR Sample. No compensation was received. All opinions on my own. Seriously you guys, those aviators are my jam…

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