Snakku – October 2018

Journey back in time with me… to Halloween of last year when fall flavors abounded and life was calmer and simpler!

Snakku has two subscription styles:

The Signature Box ~ available for $38.95/month including free international shipping (and in 3 and 6 month prepaid plans with a slight discount).

The Tasting Box ~ available for $15.75/month including shipping, but only in the US.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday season! I actually don’t work from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day due to company policy, but somehow my schedule was even crazier that week than if I had actually gone in to the office. Vacations are never truly restful, am I right??

The information card from October’s Snakku box might be one of my favorite info cards ever in a subscription box. The colors and patterns of the kimono and umbrella work beautifully together, and manage to be vibrant and muted at the same time – the perfect autumnal balance.

The washi cloth wrapper for this box feels a little more springtime though, with its lovely floral pattern. I want to say they’re chrysanthemums, but my knowledge of flowers is quite limited. I saved all of my cloth wrappers to wrap some of the harder to wrap (read: less square shaped!) presents this holiday season, so I’m glad to have found a way to reuse them.

Kuriko Momiji

These sweet, red bean filled cakes are made in a Hiroshima shop called Yamadaya that has been around since the 1930s. The outside bun is infused with maple syrup for an extra hint of sugar. They’re moist and cakey and heartily satisfying on a cool fall (or winter…) day.

Kabocha Senbei

These rice crackers are made with local ingredients from Iwate prefecture, and have been naturally sweetened with pumpkin and pumpkin seeds. You’ll almost always find senbei in a Snakku box, but this is a nice variation that really shows off the autumn theme. You don’t get much more “fall” than with the sweet earthy taste of pumpkin!

Pumpkin Rusk

These rusks (twice-baked, deliciously crunchy-crispy baguette slices) are made in Yamagata, at a shop called Cybele that has been producing these for over twenty years – so you know they’re good! The rusks are topped with pumpkin seeds and pumpkin butter, so they’re rich and satisfying. I love rusks and these are no exception!

Kuri Monaka

These monaka (paper-thin wafer cakes surrounding a sweet bean paste) are made in the Ginza district of Tokyo, where everything is a little ~fancier~ and higher-end. The shop that sells these originally produced them after WWII in an effort to boost the citizens’ morale! The wafer outside is light and airy, and the heavier red bean paste also has chestnut for a delightfully subtle nutty flavor that is very fall indeed.

Kaki Yokan

These little persimmon flavored jelly slices certainly have the longest history of the snacks in this box. Found only in Gifu prefecture, they’re made in a little shop that itself is over 250 years old, and started producing these treats in 1902. They’re made by drying persimmon throughout the month of November, then freezing the fruit until February before mashing them into a paste that solidifies into this jelly. The end result is a subtle persimmon flavor that shows off what I think is a more delicate side to the persimmon. Already more sugary-sweet than fruity-tart, the persimmon’s sweetness is toned down even more to give it a soft but lovely taste.

Choco Pie

Who doesn’t love Choco Pies!? They’re sweet little cakes that are filled with a marshmallowy creme and covered in dark chocolate. I love the taste (like childhood!), which is almost s’more-like, but cake-ier. I’ve always found them just a touch too dry, but for the flavor I can’t complain. These Choco Pies are wrapped in festive Halloween flair.

Hai Chu

The information card describes these as “yogurt candy”. I’m not sure if these are the same as hi-chew candies; if so, I definitely never knew they were yogurt-based! They have the same soft chewy consistency and sweet artificial-candy flavor that everyone loves. My box came with grape and apple flavors, but Snakku also sent out some strawberry ones as well.

Onigiri Senbei

Cute! These adorable rice crackers are shaped like onigiri, or traditional rice balls, and topped with soy sauce and seaweed. They’re crispy and a little salty, and the fun Halloween wrappers are on theme with the box!


These are chocolate rolled wafer cookies. A little crispy, a little sweet. There wasn’t anything especially remarkable about them, but you can’t go wrong with chocolate!

Puff Snacks

These tiny little corn puffs are pizza flavored! They’re salty and slightly cheesy (and even a little tiny bit sweet!), and make for a great casual snack. The ghosts on the wrapper remind you of the Halloween season as well – Japan is really into their seasonal packaging!

Overall, this was a very cute box from Snakku. I didn’t find the snacks to be particularly unique or artisanal aside from the yokan and monaka, but I definitely enjoyed some of the more “childish” treats like the Choco Pie and the corn puffs! I also got a big kick out of all the Halloween-themed wrappers – I’ll celebrate any holiday, so I love that these really got in the spirit of the season!

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