Nourish Beauty Box December 2018 Review + Coupon

Nourish Beauty Box is a clean beauty subscription box featuring only paraben-free, cruelty-free and 100% vegan products from indie brands. Each month’s box contains 4 full-size makeup or skincare products. The box costs $29.95 per month with a subscription and $45 for a single purchase. Use code: SYMI15 to get 15% off your first order.

This is a review of December 2018’s box.

Everything in this month’s box.

Each box includes an information card describing the items in the box.

Seraphine Botanicals Rose Butter ($24) – This lip and cheek cream is made with shea butter for extra moisturizing. It has a very light floral scent. It glides on smoothly. The color is very pigmented. I like how blendable and moisturizing it is. I would probably use it as a lip cream more due to its high pigmentation. The color can be removed by regular tissues or napkins.

Swatch of the rose butter. Love the rosey red color.

Seraphine Botanicals Dandelion + Skin Tinted Primer ($25) – This silicon-free primer includes bentonite clay, safflower seed oil, and dandelion and gotu kola extracts. The primer has a very watery texture. It goes on smoothly and blends into my skin tone very well. It might have changed my bias against tinted primers since most of the ones I had tried didn’t match my skin tone well. I love how lightweight and moisturizing this primer is. I even have some cooling sensation while it’s on. It does leave a dewy finish, but does not make my face feel oily.

A bit of the primer on my skin.

The primer partly rubbed into my skin.

The primer fully rubbed into my skin.

Peony Cosmetics Silk Elixir Hair Conditioner ($19.95) – This conditioner contains coconut, jojoba, argan, and sunflower oils, as well as vitamin E. it has a peach-like fruity scent. After massaging it into my hair, it feels silky smooth right away without any greasiness. I’m in love!

Swatch of the conditioner.

Troos Skincare + Apothecary Fine Botanical Facial Oil ($46) – Troos is a new brand to me. I like the luxurious looking packaging. This facial oil contains French lavender, jojoba, and rose hip oils for skin moisturizing and nourishing. I was a bit concerned at first because of the lavender content since as many of you know, I can’t stand lavender scents. The good thing is the scent isn’t very intense. It has a fairly rich oil texture. It takes a while to get absorbed into my skin, but once it’s absorbed, my skin feels moisturized and soft.

Swatch of the oil.

Overall, this is one of my favorite curations from Nourish beauty box. I think the hair elixir and face primer are my favorites in this month’s box.


I'm Symi. I just got my PhD degree in Biochem and I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
Favorite things: All kawaii stuff, Asian beauty, dresses, nail polish, jewelry, lifestyle items, glitter, heart-shaped things
Least favorite things: Boxes that lie about being completely customizable, completely made up ingredients in skincare products.

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