Bokksu – October 2018 Review

Apologies for the lateness!  I’m so very behind on reviews, but I’m determined to play catch up now.  First on my list is October’s Bokksu, which focused on Halloween! (And really emphasizes how late I am.)

The Classic Bokksu subscription features 20-25 snacks curated around a monthly theme, and a tea pairing.

$39/month with free shipping worldwide!

Bokksu also features a Tasting Bokksu subscription for $19/month, which includes 8-10 snacks and a tea pairing.

Use code BEEJUto get $5 off your first box with any Classic or Tasting Bokksu subscription!

Both boxes are available at a slight discount with longer subscriptions.

Sorry I’ve been so MIA lately – I moved to a new apartment!  I started a new job earlier this year in a different state, and moved in with my parents for a bit since it was a sudden change.  Unfortunately the commute from their house to my job was a solid hour each way, so for my own sanity I found a closer apartment.  I just moved in a few weeks ago, and it’s been a whirlwind of settling in and setting up.  Thanks for bearing with me!

So what did everyone do for Halloween?  Did you guys get lots of trick-or-treaters?  We didn’t get any, even though my mom bought a huge bag of candy in preparation and my dad bought a secondary bag of KitKats “just in case” (but let’s be real, they were mostly for him).  Since I’m (far, far) too old to trick or treat now, this Halloween box is my best chance at getting some Halloween goodies!  In Japan, autumn is celebrated with seasonal flavors like apple, pumpkin, and persimmon – all tastes explored in Bokksu this month!

Halloween Poteco Pumpkin Gratin by Tohato

These little chip-like rings are crunchy and crispy, with a cheesy flavor and a hint of pumpkin.  The pumpkin taste comes from the Japanese kabocha pumpkin, which is a little sweet and adds a balance to the saltiness.

Osatsu Snack by Calbee

These crispy chips are flavored with satsumaimo, or sweet potatoes from the Satsuma Province.  They’re not too salty or too sweet, but still have a rich earthy flavor.  Calbee products overall tend to have lighter flavors, which I can certainly appreciate in comparison to aggressive Western chip flavors.

Sweet Potato Galette by Nakajima Taishodo

Look at this cookie!  It’s a sweet, buttery cookie flavored with sweet potato – that is shaped and decorated like an actual slice of sweet potato!  Adorable.  And delicious to boot, with its light potato taste.

Saku Saku Panda Halloween by Kabaya Foods

How cute are these little panda biscuits!?  The face is made of white and dark chocolate, and sits on a sweet little mini-biscuit.  The chocolate is so smooth and rich, like most Japanese chocolates I’ve tried.  And each little panda has a different facial expression!

Shiitake Mushroom Chips by UHA Mikakuto

Mushrooms are definitely an acquired taste that I know not everyone can or will get on board with, and I was certainly skeptical about these mushroom chips.  But they’re salty and meaty (umami), and have a rich flavor that makes sense in the context of the rest of the autumn box.  These definitely surprised me as a non-mushroom-lover (except on pizza!), and I’m glad they were included.

Handmade Persimmon Candy by Bokksu

Whaaaat?  Bokksu developed their own persimmon-flavored candies for this box!  Persimmons have a rich sweet flavor that I find pretty unique for a fruit, because there’s basically no tartness at all – perfect for a sweet candy!  I love that Bokksu even made these candies look like persimmons, with their bright orange skin and little green leaves.

Apple Butter Financier by Tokyo Fuubian

Yes, give me everything apple flavored!  These sweet little financier cakes are traditionally made with almond flour and covered in a brown butter syrup.  With these apple-shaped treats, the brown butter syrup has been replaced with an apple butter syrup to give it just a hint of apple sweetness.  The cake is moist and delicate, and the Japanese apples give it more of a fresh apple juice taste rather than artificial apple flavoring!

Fried Gingko Nuts by Takuma Shokuhin

Bokksu says that gingko nuts reach their prime in autumn, which makes sense for an autumn-themed box.  These gingko nuts have been fried and lightly coated in salt.  I really wanted to like these (gingko nuts are supposed to be very health-beneficial), and while I loved the crunch and the salt, there was a bitter aftertaste that I wasn’t crazy about.  These might be an acquired taste, and just not for me, but I can see why people would like them.

Gudetama Custard Chocolate Halloween by Furuta Seika

Gudetama!  Everyone’s favorite lazy egg!  He’s an adorable character that a lot of people can relate to in terms of his apathy toward life and his love of naps.  Here his face decorates the wrapper of a little chocolate treat: milk chocolate surrounding a creamy custard filling.

Apple Caramel Yakkoi Sable by Ragueneau Sasaki

Sables are a type of French butter cookie that normally have a nice snap to them.  Yakkoi sabure are “chewy sables” that have a bend rather than a snap (hello, Legally Blonde!), which comes from the rich apple caramel in this case.  These sables are flavored with apple caramel butter made from Aomori apples, which are some of the most famous apples in Japan known for their sweetness.

White Chocolate Raisin Sandwich Cookie by Tohato

These cookies are light and flaky and sweet, and surround a rich white chocolate filling that is studded with actual whole raisins.  Between the cookie and the chocolate and the raisins, this is quite a sweet dessert that I think would go really well with a tea or coffee.

Halloween Tea by Karel Capek

This is a black tea flavored with fresh grapes.  I normally don’t like grape-flavored things (reminds me of cough syrup!), but this had a fresh, muscat flavor that I associate more with Asian candy.  It was very flavorful, but still refreshing and sweet.  One of my favorites that Bokksu has sent out!

Overall, this was a very on-theme box from Bokksu, and I feel like I really got to experience fall flavors in Japan.  Everything was rich and heavy in terms of flavors – very comforting with the onset of cold weather.  I really liked the chewy sable cookies and (surprisingly!) the shiitake mushroom chips!  And of course, I adore anything apple flavored so those financiers definitely made my favorites list too this month!

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