Her Fit Club- Fitbox Review, December 2018

Her Fit Club is a subscription box service designed to help motivate and empower women of all shapes and sizes to take the first steps reaching their fitness goals! They strive to provide high quality products and essentials needed to better yourself whether in the comfort of your own home or at the gym. 

Each women’s fitness journey is unique so Her Fit Club offers a variety of membership levels including: fashion fitbox, beauty fitbox, move fitbox, and premiere fitbox. The memberships range from prices of $64.99/month to $149.99/month.  Boxes are shipped FREE on the 15th of every month. You also have the option to buy one box at time without enrolling in subscription services. Right now they are offering a $50 Her Fit Club home gym in their first fitbox when you become a new member!

For my first fit box, I received the beauty box, which contains an outfit with 2-3 beauty products. The box aims to compliment your active lifestyle.

My box contained the following items: a sports bra, joggers, athletic towel, and a coconut body scrub. There were also print-outs providing info on tools to support your fitness journey.

Active5 has a unique discount available for Her Fit Club members.
This print out provides information on what Activ5 is and how to use their resources.
Sports bra from Beauty Box Sample.

The sports bra I received was from Mono B, a USA based fitness athleisure company. The bra was super cute and very comfy! I felt confident the minute I put it on.

Joggers from Beauty Box.

The joggers received were also of the Mono B brand. They matched the sports bra and I really appreciated how many pockets they had. Honestly, nothing is worse than trying to workout with a cellphone in your hand. If you’re anything like me, you own all those wrist bands and still choose to throw your phone in your sports bra. Overall, these pants were a WIN. Not only are they super comfy, the quality is amazing. 

Sports towel provided in Beauty Box.

My beauty box also came with an activ5 sports towel, a very practical product for any athlete. I especially love it during hot yoga sessions. Just an FYI, if you haven’t taken a hot yoga class— you should! And if you do, you 100% need a towel with you. Due to sweat, my hands typically slide down the yoga mat while doing downward dog. When I opened this box, the first thing I thought when I saw a sports towel was ‘YAY! Something to use during hot yoga!’. 

Moni’s Coconut Scrub for exfoliation and hydration.

The final product was a delicious smelling coconut scrub. Moni’s products are 100% natural handmade and are actually edible (although, I don’t think I’ll be eating mine). The product focuses on exfoliation and hydration. You can also use it for a face mask or makeup remover. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this box. The company puts a lot of thought into their product selection. They use high quality products and customize each box based on your fitness needs. As a gym lover, I was thrilled when it arrived! I know how expensive gym products and clothing can be. A Her Fit Club box would save you the time and effort of picking out new fitness clothes every month. There’s also that fun element of surprise wondering what they’re going to send you next. 

This box was a PR sample. No compensation was received for this review. All opinions are my own.


When Kayleigh not working her full time job, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Luna and Howie (they'll frequent some of these dog box reviews). She also loves reading, writing, traveling, and drinking tea. Please reach out to me at beejuboxeskayleigh@gmail.com.

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