Gramma in a Box- December 2018

Gramma in a Box is a subscription box service which includes baked cookies (with sprinkles and frosting to decorate) and two additional food crafts. Each box includes step-by-step instructions and illustrations on how to complete your projects. Gramma in a Box is only $20 a month and shipping is free everywhere in the U.S. Use promo code: 10off to receive $10 off your first month for a 3, 6, or 12 month prepaid membership. 

For this month’s review, my husband and I are making food crafts for the month of Decemeber- A CHRISTMAS THEMED BOX! Who’s life doesn’t light up with a little Christmas spirit?

We had three Christmas food crafts to complete: Hot Chocolate Treats, Holly Wreaths, and winter themed cookies!

For the Hot Chocolate treats, you’ll need marshmallows, candy canes, peppermint pieces, and melting chocolate. 

These were really easy to make. You just need to microwave your melting chocolate, dip the candy cane in, and stick it in the marshmallow. Then you dip the marshmallow into the chocolate and the peppermint pieces. Set them aside while the chocolate is drying. The outcome is ADORABLE. 

The second project was Holly Wreaths.

You’ll need the remaining melting chocolate, corn flakes cereal, red hot candies, and little candy wrappers. 

To make these guys, you combine the cereal with the remaining melting chocolate and cover with the hot candies.

Our last project is the cookie decorating. This month, Gramma provided both gingerbread and sugar cookies for decorating.

My husband made this handsome little gingerbread man!

I had some fun decorating the sugar cookie trees and snowflakes.

By the end of all the food craft projects, you have a beautiful plate of Christmas themed desserts! :) 

All in all, I can’t think of a better way to kick start my holiday spirit than a fun food craft brought to you by Gramma. Gramma in a Box is an enjoyable experience for the entire family. Kids and parents of all ages can enjoy both making an eating these yummy snacks. 

This box was a PR sample. No compensation was received for this review. All opinions are my own.



When Kayleigh not working her full time job, she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs, Luna and Howie (they'll frequent some of these dog box reviews). She also loves reading, writing, traveling, and drinking tea. Please reach out to me at

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful review. If your readers are interested in trying Gramma in a Box for 3 months, they can get $10 off the regular $55 price by entering the code: 10off (lowercase off please). Thanks again for the wonderful review. Terry/Gramma

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