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YumeTwins is a kawaii goods box shipped worldwide from Tokyo! Each box includes 6 to 8 cute licensed items from popular Japanese brands. They include a variety of things, like plushies, home goods, stationary, and squishies. They focus on curating a selection of unique and quality goods around a monthly theme.

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The theme for October 2018 is “Magical Halloween.” The paper booklet this month is really cute! Seeing No-Face, Gengar, and a Vampire Bat Cat on the cover made me so excited to check out what was in the box! The booklet (and online zine) tell you all about the contents of the box, contests, cultural “Streaks,” for subscribers of that you can check out at their new customer portal. It’s good for all the boxes from their whole line (YumeTwins, TokyoTreat, and NMNL), and you can earn points or discounts. Exciting!

This month’s box contains six items. It says there’s a bonus treat, some Nyanpire Halloween Stickers, but sadly I didn’t receive any. It’s a bonus item, so I can’t be too upset, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little bummed.

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Pokemon Hand Towel Set

The first item is a set of small hand towels each adorned with a different Pokemon motif. There are two different sets you can receive, and I got the set with Gengar, Eevee, and Pikachu. (The other set has Mimikyu instead of Gengar.) I think the Gengar towel is my favorite of the three, especially for the Halloween theme!

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Ghibli Cup

Next is a plastic cup adorned with a Studio Ghibli character—either Jiji from Kiki’s Delivery Service or Totoro from My Neighbor Totoro. Jiji is a black cat, and Totoro is a kind of forest spirit, so both go along with the spooky-cute theme. I got the adorable Jiji design, which I quickly put to use for holding my makeup brushes.

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Kawaii Rabbit Plush

This month’s plush is a bunny, which comes in several different styles. I received a gray fellow, and I love the little squatty bunny ears and blushed cheeks! The fur is incredibly soft as well. I will say that as with previous plushies, I do wish that they didn’t pick a plushie that seem to use hot glue to stick things on. I worry that his little nose is going to fall off eventually!

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Spirited Away Origami Set

Another Ghibli item, this origami set is themed around the popular movie “Spirited Away.” There are 4 different designs, each of which has five sheets in the pack. So, there’s 20 sheets total. The quality of the paper is great—there’s a lovely texture to it. The designs themselves are colorful and visually pleasing. The booklet has instructions to make an origami ghost, which I’m excited try!

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Nyanpire Clear File

This item contains a new character for me—Nyanpire. The booklet explains that he’s a “black cat that was abandoned and saved by a vampire. The vampire fed him some of his blood which caused him to be reborn as a vampire cat.” It’s that spooky-cute combo that’s perfect for Halloween! There are three different possible folder designs with Nyanpire, and I got a black one with him showing off his little toe beans and eyepatch. I started collecting file folders when I moved to Japan, so this is a welcome addition. He’s so cute!

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Cute Cat Paw Gloves

The last item is a pair of cat paw gloves, which come with a string to attach them if you’d prefer. You can use them as part of a feline Halloween costume, or just warm gloves in the upcoming cool weather. There are a variety of colors you can receive, and I got an interesting forest green version with aqua paw pads. It’s unique, and I imagine it’d be for some kind of swamp monster cat, which I actually kind of like!

Overall, I think their Halloween box was great! My only two negatives are 1. I do wish the plush was a little higher quality, but perhaps it’s just my preference that I prefer plushies without hot glue and 2. I didn’t receive the bonus Nyanpire Stickers. My favorite items were, well, everything else! I think the 5 other items are great—high quality, adorable, and practical. If I had to pick, the Spirited Away Origami Set, Nyanpire Clear File, and Cute Cat Paw Gloves are my favorites.

If you’d like to subscribe to YumeTwins, you can do so here. It’s $35 per month with free international shipping. Keep an eye on their website and social media for teasers about the next box. If you want to receive the October box, be sure to subscribe by September 30th!


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Sara loves all things cats, snacks, and video games. She lives in Yokohama, Japan with her husband. Sara has her B.S in Women and Gender Studies and currently teaches English. Japanese snack and kawaii boxes are her favorite, along with anything nerdy, cute, and/or edible.

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