Dispatch: On the Run Box 5

If you’ve ever watched a crime show on TV and tried to solve the murder mystery on your own, this box may be for you! Introducing Dispatch by Breakout Games, a subscription box which asks you to buckle down and throw on your detective hat.  This subscription box is delivered to your door monthly for the cost of $24.99. If you sign up to receive their newsletter right now you can get $10 off! There are absolutely no obligations and you can opt out at any time.

For this subscription box review, I will be reviewing box 5 of the On the Run series. Each box contains multiple physical clues to guide you in solving your mystery. You’ll have plenty to work on while waiting for your next box. Each month following, you’ll receive an additional box with more items to further submerse you in the story. There are seven boxes total for the On the Run story.

Today, we got a shipment from Tanzania!

I’m already super excited about this one! The content card lists the following items contained in this month’s box:

There was a security assess card… hmmm, what could this be used for?

There was a fun postcard! Thanks James!

One of my favorite elements of this box was the Mancala board game and stones. This was a childhood favorite for me so it was fun to re-live that while trying to solve a murder mystery!

As with every box, there are several letters, print-outs, and notes:

Overall, this box left me excited! Why? Because I got to use my black light tool and decoder again? Well yes… but also because I realized we are SO CLOSE to the end. We are just two boxes away from solving this murder and saving our pal, James. I can’t wait!

Helpful hint: DO NOT TOSS OUT ANY BOXES. There are clues in the first box which helped me this time around. Save everything- this is your one and only chance be an information hoarder like a regular detective.

This girl is ready for box 6- let’s go.

This box is a PR sample. No compensation was received. All opinions are my own.



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