Snakku – May 2018 Review

A May box!?  In July!?  I know, I’m so very very late.  If I could reverse time and fix it, I would go back… all the way to 1630s Nagasaki to experience the founding of the store featured in this box!

Snakku has two subscription styles:

The Signature Box ~ available for $38.95/month including free international shipping (and in 3 and 6 month prepaid plans with a slight discount).

The Tasting Box ~ available for $15.75/month including shipping, but only in the US.

May’s beautiful box arrived totally on trend in a beautiful sakura-patterned furoshiki.  I’m building quite a collection of these wrapping cloths since every Signature Box comes neatly packed in one, and I think I’ll keep saving them for wrapping presents.

So full disclaimer, this box arrived totally on time, I’ve just been going through some things lately and haven’t gotten around to posting.  Sorry, guys!  Working on getting back on track.

For the month of May, Snakku took us to a small boutique store in Nagasaki called Chidoriya and gave us a lovely selection of their most popular snacks.  Nagasaki was the only port that traded with the west, and one of the major items imported was sugar.  Yes, sugar!  Japanese cuisine did not use sugar until it was imported through Nagasaki, which is why the sweet treats in this store were so famously unique.


These thin, sugary wafers surround a cream filling infused with three flavors: coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry.  I believe the three that I received are coffee, vanilla, and strawberry (left to right).  The crisp of the wafer is well balanced by the smooth cream texture; and even though it’s a sweet flavor with a sweet flavor, the sugar in the wafer doesn’t clash with the filling.  I quite like these – they remind me of a very high-end, high-quality pirouette cookie!

Tirolian Hat

This is Chidoriya’s second most popular snack.  It’s basically a flattened version of the tirolian: two layers of thin wafer cookie surrounding a creamy filling.  There were three flavors of filling available, and I believe I received vanilla and lemon (the third flavor being strawberry).  I was impressed by how light this wafer was!  It was all delicate crisp, with a light touch of fruity flavor.


So the description for this item was the same as the maruboro below, so I assume there may have been a copy/paste error on the info card.  That being said, I wasn’t quite sure which one the description was referring to, so I was a bit confused!  Anyway, this treat is a soft cookie with an almost cake-like feel to it.  It just has a simple, sweet flavor that belies the rich heaviness of its texture.


These cookies were massive!  They were buttery and sweet, and the perfect combination of crispy and soft.  Again, they seem so simple and yet you can really tell that they’re carefully made and of good quality.


These treats were by far the most unique snack I have received in a while.  The inside is a sweet bean paste (with actual bean pieces!) surrounded by a crystallized rock sugar coating.  There are two kinds of bean paste, made from local ingredients exclusive to the Chidoriya shop.  The rich sweetness of the bean contrasts with the sugary sweetness of the outside, so while the sweet can be overwhelming to some I found it really interesting and different!

Slim Bonnchi

These little puffed rice snacks are salty and savory in the best way.  They’re a little like corn puffs or chips, with a satisfying crunch that is really delicious.  I had to force myself to slow down eating these or they would have been gone in one sitting!

Azuki Matcha

I’ve received a lot of these little beans from Kyoto in various snack boxes lately.  They’re sweet red azuki beans covered in chocolate with a dusting of matcha green tea.  Definitely addicting and sweet, and dangerously easy to just keep popping into your mouth!

Marumaru Ramune

Hello cute little colorful candies!  These are modeled after ramune – a fizzy soda-like drink that is found everywhere in Japan.  These candies have the same fizz and fruity flavor as the sodas.  They’re a little powdery as they dissolve, but quite refreshing.

Millie Biscuit

These were surprisingly amazing!  They’re buttery sweet little biscuits – think like an elevated Ritz cracker – topped with a hint of sea salt from the Sea of Japan.  The crackers are flaky and sweet, but right at the end there’s that touch of salt to round it off.  Delicious!

Wasabi Cracker 

I also see this mix of rice crackers and peanuts in subscription boxes a lot.  The rice crackers are slightly spicy, and dusted with wasabi powder for a kick.  I’m not a nut person, and I prefer my rice crackers a little less crunchy, so I’m usually not a big fan of these.

Overall, this was a very unique box from Snakku.  I love that they featured one store with such a rich history.  Chidoriya really sums up a lot of Japanese cuisine quite well in my opinion: they take one ingredient and transform it in many ways, making many delicious treats without sacrificing the simplicity and identity of that ingredient.  I absolutely love the utsuyu bean paste snacks, although the simple Millie biscuits are up there too.  The wasabi crackers were a miss for me personally, but I still think the rest of the box made up for it in product quality and tastiness!


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