Freedom Japanese Market – November 2017 Review & Coupon

Freedom Japanese Market (Affiliate link)

$14.99-$45.99/month–Free international shipping!

Ships from Japan

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Run by an expat family in Japan, Freedom Japanese Market offers three sizes of Japanese snack boxes: Puchi, 5-8 snacks ($12.99/month), Original, 12-16 snacks ($24.99/month), and Family, with 2x the snacks of the Original ($45.99/month). There’s also a new Premium Family Pack, but I’m unsure if it’s replacing the original Family or if it’s an additional option. I’m assuming it’s replacing the original Family, which is $45.99/month. It includes the Puchi and Original Pack items plus a selection of premium treats. Each box comes with a handmade origami.

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I’m reviewing the Original Pack for November. This month’s origami is a cute little rabbit. The info sheet lists a brief description of the items in all three subscription options—Puchi, Original, and Premium Family Packs.

Curry Arare

This mix of rice crackers has a good curry aroma and satisfying crunch. There are so many kinds of senbei in Japan, so it’s always fun to try new flavors.

Shittori Ichigo

This treat is made of crunchy puffed disks covered in a strawberry coating. The taste is almost like strawberry frosting.

Bubblish Ramune Candy

I love the video game packaging on this candy! The resealable pack contains a large portion of small, fizzing ramune candy. The fizz is quite strong, which I enjoy.

Christmas Umaibo

This is your typical corn potage Umaibo (puffed corn stick) in Christmas packaging. I like the corn potage flavor a lot, as it’s sweet and salty.

Merry Christmas Umaibo

Another Umaibo, this is the chocolate flavor in Christmas packaging. I like the chocolate flavor as well. I do seem to often get both the corn potage and chocolate flavored Umaibo often, both from Freedom Japanese Market and other Japanese snack boxes.

Sanrio Gum

These little pieces of gum are orange flavored and decorated with popular characters. The info sheet says Sanrio, but I got one Sanrio gum and one Mario gum. However, the orange flavor is actually juicy and bright tasting. Also pictured is this month’s origami.


This is a bag of unflavored cotton candy. The texture was good, but the candy had a slight chemical smell I couldn’t get past. I think it might just be from the plastic bag.

Mugi Chocolate

The info sheet says these are bite-sized milk chocolates, which isn’t quite accurate. “Mugi” means “wheat,” so these are chocolate covered puffed wheat. I really like mugi chocolates, and the Christmas packaging is cute too.

Mike Popcorn

Mike Popcorn is one of my favorite snacks here. This one is Caprese flavored (tomato, mozzarella, and basil). It has a strong tomato smell and almost tastes like pizza!

Puchi Potato Chips

This puchi (small) snack is a sleeve of crunchy pea chips seasoned with spice and mayonnaise. They aren’t too spicy, but there is definitely a kick to them.

Fluffy Softmallow

Another dagashi, this long marshmallow is very soft and has a faint fruit taste.

Puchi Chocolate (Bonus Snack)

Little candy-coated chocolates in a plastic case that includes a whistle on the top.


Overall, I think November’s box was a little better than last month’s. The selection was more unique, but I think there is still a lot of sweets and dagashi (penny candy). Also, their website says that the original box includes a candy DIY kit, but there wasn’t one this month. Maybe it’s another change?  I think the descriptions of the items could be a little more thorough/accurate as well.

My favorites were the Mike Popcorn, Curry Arare, and Bubblish Ramune Candy.

If you’d prefer a lot of small treats over a few bigger snacks, Freedom Japanese Market might be a good fit for you! Their monthly origami is also a nice personal touch. Personally, I’d rather have more seasonal/brand name items. Their new Premium Family Pack has larger items, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the $45 price.

You can subscribe to this box here, starting at $14.99 up to $45.99 depending on size. The original box is $24.99/month. All boxes have free worldwide shipping. Mention BeejuBoxes in the “Where did you hear about us?” section for bonus snack too!


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