Freedom Japanese Market – July 2017 Review & Coupon

Freedom Japanese Market (affiliate link)

$14.99-$45.99/month–Free international shipping!

Ships from Japan

*There are two coupons: 1) Use “beejuboxes” in the “Where did you hear about us?” box upon checkout to receive a free additional snack! 2) Use discount code HOT17 to save $3.00 off your first Original or Family Pack subscriptions.  This coupon is valid until August 31.

Run by an expat family in Japan, Freedom Japanese Market offers three sizes of Japanese snack boxes: Puchi, 5-8 snacks ($12.99.month), Original, 12-16 snacks ($24.99/month), and Family, with 2x the snacks of the Original ($45.99/month).

Every curated box includes an English content list and hand made, seasonal origami. Shipping is FREE Worldwide. Longer subscription plans also come with a discounted price. You can also purchase a single box with no subscription in each size for $16-$50 depending on size. I’m reviewing the original size.

Freedom Japanese Market comes in a lovely blue box decorated with images of the family that runs the company and Mount Fuji. Everything was packed well with no wasted space. The info card tells you about their family, which includes two adorable kids that are the “Official taste testers.” The handmade origami for July is “happi coat, traditionally worn in summer festivals.” The origami is super cute and well made, as always. It’s a nice, personal touch that makes this snack box unique.

The info sheet tells you what snacks are included in each box with a brief description of each.


Gummy Vitamin C

There are two little gummies shaped like a popular Japanese vitamin C drink! I literally see this drink in every vending machine and convenience store here. The best way I can describe the taste is if you mixed an energy drink with the Smarties candy. I actually real like it!

Also pictured is this month’s origami! I love the pattern of the paper.

Sugar Rusk Umaibo

Umaibo are a cheap, popular corn puffed snack. You can even win them from UFO catchers in arcades here in Japan! This Umaibo is rusk flavored, which is like a sugared toast. This is one of my favorite flavors, as it’s crunchy, sweet, buttery, and a little savory too.

GyuTan Umaibo

There is a second Umaibo in this box, and this one is cow tongue flavored. It has a nice, salty beef taste. Moving to Japan has made me more open to trying new things, including eating cuts of meat that aren’t as popular in America.

Lucky Cone

This is a salted puffed corn snack. It kind of tastes like popcorn, and I could easily eat a whole bag while watching a movie. The flavor is simple, but yummy.

Ichigo Mugi

“Mugi” meants “wheat” in Japanese, so wheat puffs are a common snack here. These wheat puffs are covered with a creamy strawberry coating. The strawberry cream is very sweet, and the puff inside is crisp.

Onigiri Senbei

This pack includes two onigiri (rice ball) flavored senbei. They’re pretty crunchy with a very strong soy sauce taste. I enjoy soy sauce, especially on rice crackers, so these were a favorite.

Cream Collon

Cream Collon is a fairly popular sweet snack that comes in different flavors, but chocolate is the most common. So, I was really excited to see a new flavor in this box! This dessert has lemon custard cream inside of a flaky cylinder shell. The shell is crispy, but not too sweet. The filling has a great lemon zest to it. The box recommends eating them chilled, so I popped them in the freezer. It makes for a refreshing, citrusy treat on a hot summer day!

Suica No Tane Ramune

Summer in Japan means watermelon! This candy looks like watermelon seeds, as the tiny sweets have a black candy shell. Inside, there’s a powdery ramune candy. It says its ‘juicy watermelon flavor,” which is very accurate! The watermelon flavor doesn’t taste fake or overly strong.

Uracara Corn

This is a savory twist on a usually sweet snack. I love this brand, which usually does caramel corn puffs. This puff is garlic flavored, with a Dracula pun in the name! There’s actually another flavor in this Dracula series that’s cheese flavored. This is a limited edition item, which is always my favorite to get in snack boxes! The garlic flavor is really good—when you open the bag the smell is quite strong, but the taste isn’t too overpowering.

Cocoa Bolo

This is a bag of cocoa puffs! Well, they aren’t as sweet as the American breakfast cereal, but they have a similar taste. I was tempted to put them in a bowl with milk!

Umi No Ikimono Gummy

A DIY kit! I love Japanese DIY candy kits, and they’ve included a fun ocean themed gummy kit. You can make colorful sea creature gummies with just water and the included mix. They also give you a little water bottle dropper to use, which is helpful to avoid spills. Each pack includes different sea creature molds, and my mold includes a swordfish, sunfish, jellyfish, sea urchin, and blue whale.

The instructions on the back include pictures, which basically just say to mix the powder and water, then stir.

Otsumami Time

There’s certain foods that are popular to eat with alcoholic drinks, and this is one of them! It’s a mix of crackers and peanuts, and my husband always has this type of snack with beer. He especially liked this type, “Otsumami Time,” since it had a little spice to it.

Soda Gum

This stick of gum is huge—it’s longer than my hand! It’s “soda” flavored, which is kind of a sweet citrus taste. The gum itself lasts for a long time and makes good bubbles! The soda flavor is pretty subtle.

Overall, July’s box had a fun assortment of sweet and savory items. I liked that there was also some limited edition and summer-inspired choices. This box is big enough to share, and I also like that they offer a family size. Often snack boxes just include one or two of each snack, which makes for unequal sharing with friends and/or family. Their family size option doubles all the snacks in the Original box, which is perfect if you’d like to share. This is one of the more unique boxes, and I really like all the size and purchasing options. If you just want to try this box out, you can also just buy one box on their website.

You can subscribe to this box here, (affiliate link) starting at $14.99 up to $45.99 depending on size. The original box is $24.99/month. All boxes have free worldwide shipping.

Don’t forget about the two coupons Freedom Japanese Market is offering! Use “beejuboxes” in the comment box upon checkout to receive a free additional snack. You can also use discount code HOT17 to save $3.00 off your first Original or Family Pack subscriptions.  Coupon is valid until August 31.


PR Sample. All opinions are my own, and no compensation was received. Affiliate links are in this review, and they are noted when used.



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