Bokksu – August 2017 Review

To celebrate those lazy summer days, Bokksu’s theme for the month of August is “Cool for the Summer”.  They’re focusing on treats that are refreshing and invigorating after a long hot day, perfect for those last days of summer vacation!

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I do have to apologize for this month’s review being a little late!  As you can see from the note above, Bokksu recently changed their shipping to come straight from Japan.  This means that the box came earlier than usual – normally it arrives in my mailbox mid-to-late month, but this time it arrived in the first week!  I was not expecting it, and between the Otakon anime/manga convention (did anyone else go!?) and my summer class finals, I got a little behind.  Anyway, no more excuses – on to the review!

Normally Bokksu boxes come with a white ribbon that lets you easily lift out the orange box from the cardboard shipping box.  This month there was no ribbon, so I did have to flip it over and dump it out.  Not a big deal, just an observation!

Bokksu’s theme this month places special emphasis on yusuzumi, a Japanese ritual where people take time in the early evening to slow down and cool off after a hot day.  This can entail many things, whether it’s sitting outside and watching the sunset, or taking a cool bath.  Now that I think about it, I don’t really practice yusuzumi, but it sounds like something I’d like to try.  Maybe I’ll do some post-work yoga to wind down.

What do you guys do for yusuzumi?

As with every month, Bokksu’s tri-fold information card is full of useful information about each snack, including important allergy info!  This month they’ve listed out which snacks should be refrigerated to be extra refreshing.

Nagoya Caramel Sandwich Cookie by Chez Shibata

This cookie sandwich has a buttery, caramel-flavored outside and a creamy filling with caramel-soaked raisins.  The outside has a cake-y shortbread texture, and the cream inside is so smooth!  This is a very decadent treat.  The information card recommends refrigerating it, but it’s a cookie sandwich so I’m not sure it really added that much to the flavor or texture.

Fluffy White Chocolate Cake by Bourbon

This almond-infused cake has notes of apricot jam and rum, and sheets of white chocolate in between the cake layers.  It’s so good!  At first I thought it would just be another white cream cake, but you can taste the chocolate sweetness and the hint of rum.  I didn’t get a lot of apricot jam flavor, though.  Bokksu also recommended refrigerating this one, and I think this helped the white chocolate retain its solidity (it melted a bit in the heat of my mailbox) and gave the chocolate a better texture.

Shiroi Fusen by Kameda Seika

These are little white wafers that have a creamy filling in between.  I wasn’t crazy about these, to be honest.  The cream in the middle was really good, especially because I refrigerated it per Bokksu’s recommendation, but the wafer outside was a little salty which didn’t mesh well with the creamy sweetness.  The wafer reminded me of those shrimp chips you get before your meal at some Chinese restaurants, with a Styrofoam-y texture.  I didn’t mind the crunch, but I could have done without the salt.

Summer Country Ma’am Chocolate Mint by Fujiya

This is a chocolate cookie with mint chocolate chips throughout, and it was delicious!  The chocolate isn’t overly sweet, definitely more on the dark chocolate side, which really allows the mint chocolate chips to shine through.  The chocolate chips add a smooth texture that makes the mint extra refreshing.  I don’t think these needed to be kept in the fridge like the info card suggested, but I enjoyed them nonetheless!

Blanc Manger by Tsuboya

Bokksu describes this as “a creamy, jelly-like confection” that is made with rice flour instead of gelatin.  It has a pudding texture, with a milk/yogurt flavor that is a perfect balance of sweet and tart.  I definitely refrigerated this one, and it made a great summer dessert.

Tomato Curry Rice Crackers by Patisserie Potager

The info card says that Japanese people enjoy eating curry in the summer, so this rice cracker is flavored like a tomato curry!  The tomato taste is definitely there, along with a mild curry-like spice blend.  The cracker is crunchy and crispy, and the salt/spice blend makes it more interesting than just a bland rice cracker!

Edamame Senbei by Senbei Lab

This cracker has real edamame pieces baked in, and is dusted with roasted soybean powder.  I like the nutty flavor, and it’s perfectly salty (I love all things salty, so this was delicious!).  It also has an interesting green color from the edamame, and a nice crunchy texture.

Satsumarche Mizudashi Cha by Kagoshima Seicha

This mizudashi is a cold brew tea that mixes Sencha and matcha green tea!  I’m so glad Bokksu included a cold brew tea, which fits perfectly with their “Cool for the Summer” theme.  This tea is light and refreshing, with just a hint of bitter herbal taste that I associate with green tea.  And it’s so easy to make!

Overall, I feel like this box was a little lighter than that of previous months.  There’s usually one or two bigger items, and this month was missing that.  However, I did like everything that was inside, and I thought the idea of popping some of them into the refrigerator was a nice touch.  The inclusion of the blanc manger and the cold brew tea felt unique to me and very on-theme.  As usual, all of the snacks in Bokksu were high quality and definitely an interesting experience!


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