Rocksbox – July 2017 Review

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental subscription service.  It costs $19/month to rent 3 pieces of jewelry.  You can return them at any time, with free shipping, to receive a new set, or purchase one or more of the pieces at a discounted price.  Each month, you get $21 in Shine Credit that can be used towards purchasing their jewelry. Use code: BEEJUBOXESXOXO to get your first box for free!

This is a review of July’s box.

Everything in this month’s Rocksbox.

Each box includes a personalized information card describing the 3 pieces of jewelry in the set.  You can rate the jewelry you receive so they know what to send you next time. I really like that.

This is a new feature that they added this month.  You can preview the jewelry you will receive and switch out one piece for something else.  I swapped the House of Harlow necklace for another Aster one.  I like being able to switch out items.

Aster Birch Pendant in Gold Infused Glass ($54) – This is one of my granted wishes.  However, this piece is disappointing to me.  It feels plastic-like.  I still like the simple and elegant design, and could maybe see myself wearing it over a darker-colored sweater, but I just don’t feel it this month.

Closeup of the pendant.

Nakamol Convertible Wrap and Choker in Howlite and Rose Gold ($52) – I love my wrap bracelets.  These have become my obsession since the beginning of the year.  This wasn’t on my wish list, but I love it.  I like the clean, pinkish-orange bead color and the patterned white beads.  I only have one minor problem, which is that the bracelet is not quite long enough to wrap around my wrist twice, so I have a piece of metal chain dangling off of it that almost reaches my fingertip.

Aster Freesia Pendant ($67) – I think this might have been my best swap decision ever because I love this necklace.  I think it’s a very universal piece that can be matched with a lot of different outfits.  I love the simple geometry of the design and of course the tassels.  I also love the white material in the necklace.  It isn’t an adjustable necklace with an extension chain, but I could fit the clasp in the small holes in the chain to make it whatever length I wanted.  I think it works great as either a long or short necklace.

Closeup of the pendant.

Overall, I have mixed feelings about this month’s Rocksbox.  I’ve learned that some items that look good in the picture aren’t so great when I receive them.  In that sense, Rocksbox is perfect since I can try them out and return them if I don’t like them.  However, none of the pieces this month really wow me.

If you’re interested in Rocksbox, click here to get one.  Use code: BEEJUBOXESXOXO to get your first box for free!

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I'm Symi. I'm a graduate student working in a biochemistry lab at the University of California and I'm addicted to subscription boxes.
Favorite things: All kawaii stuff, dresses, nail polish, jewelry, lifestyle items, glitter, heart-shaped things
Least favorite things: Boxes that lie about being completely customizable, food items in boxes that aren't food subscriptions

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