Jini Beauty – May/June 2017 Review

Jini Beauty is a bimonthly Korean skincare subscription that curates its boxes around four different skintypes: Oily/Acne, Normal/Combination, Dry/Mature, and Troubled/Sensitive.  Each box contains 6-8 full size products and deluxe samples, two sheet masks, and complimentary samples.  This is a review of the May/June box for Troubled/Sensitive skin.

Jini Beauty – Sensitive/Troubled Skin

$44.95 per box, with free shipping within the US.  Shipping is $8 to Canada.

Jini Beauty offers 6-month and 12-month prepay plans, with a slight discount per box.

You can also purchase a 1T (one-time) box for $29.95 (regular size) or $49.95 (deluxe size) if you’d like to test it out.

Jini includes a very detailed and informative information card that lists the key ingredients in each product as well as helpful tips and instructions for use.

Farm Stay All-in-One Ampoule

The Troubled/Sensitive skintype box includes at least one aloe vera product each month, which is pretty perfect for the summer season.  This gel contains green tea, olive, and aloe vera leaf extracts to sooth and moisturize.  I have amassed quite a few aloe vera gels by now, but it never ceases to amaze me that they’re all a little different.  This one is a little thicker, with green and red beads of nutrition, and it does more on the moisturizing side than soothing.  The cute little scoop helps maintain some sterility (no germy fingers reaching into the jar), and it’s a large enough size that you could use this on your body as well as face without fear of running out quickly.

Tonymoly Painting Therapy Pack (Pink)

This pink clay-based mask comes in a sweet little tube that is modeled after an artist’s paints.  It smells slightly herbal and contains calamine extract to soothe and hydrate sensitive skin.  Tonymoly released several of these masks to target a variety of skin issues, and the idea is to use different masks on different parts of the face (painting) in order to treat skin problems more efficiently.  I like this mask quite a bit more than the last calamine mask Jini included in their January/February box, as it washes away more cleanly (no gritty powder feeling afterward) and doesn’t dry my skin out as much.

Etude House Soon Jung S Panthensoside Cica Balm

Jini’s information card says this skin balm has 5% panthensoside and a slightly acidic pH to balance your skin.  I tried googling panthensoside, but every search result led back to this balm, so I’m not sure exactly what it is or why it’s good for your skin.  Regardless, this is a very interesting balm.  Jini recommends that you use it to spot treat irritated or stressed areas, so I used it on my especially-dry nose and chin under my normal face cream.  The texture is smooth and watery, almost more like a lotion than a balm: it goes on thick (like a balm) and absorbs quickly (like a lotion).  It left my skin very soft and smooth – I would almost say this is great to use as a primer under makeup – and it added an extra layer of hydration.

Wish Formula Blackhead & Blackmask Home Spa Kit

Okay, this blackhead-removing kit might be my favorite thing in the whole box.  It’s a three-step process that starts off with a mask containing nine botanical extracts to dissolve and loosen blackheads and sebum.  The mask comes in two parts, one for your nose and one for your chin, that are almost like little mini-sheet masks.  You leave these on for 10 – 15 minutes, then use the second step (a giant black cotton swab) to gently push out blackheads.  This stuff works!  I was skeptical about the charcoal-tipped cotton swab being able to do anything, since I normally use pore strips that rip the blackheads out, but I literally pushed them out of my nose with no effort at all.  It was kind of amazing.  The final step in the kit is a serum that you apply afterward to tighten and shrink your pores.  I wasn’t too wowed by that – it burned a little bit and I wasn’t sure if I saw much of a difference, but I loved the first two steps.  This might replace my weekly pore strip – I’m so glad there are five kits in this package.  A note of caution though: while this worked really well on my nose, the chin strip actually irritated my skin and left it red and blotchy the next day.  I don’t really need to use the chin part since I don’t have blackheads on my chin, but know that the essence may not be for everyone.

Elizavecca Tea Tree Deep Power Ringer Mask Pack

This sheet mask contains tea tree, lotus extract, iris extract, edelweiss petal extract, and ceramides to soothe your skin while protecting against environmental pollutants.  The essence is thicker than I’m used to, almost like a gel, but it feels very comforting and cushiony.  The mask fit well and didn’t irritate my skin at all.  My face felt hydrated and soft after 20 minutes, and the extra essence absorbed quickly and smoothly without feeling tacky.  I really like this one!

PACKage Don’t Worry Healing Mask

Why does the cover of this mask look so sad?  The cotton sheet also has words on the cheek that say “Don’t worry, everything will work out.”  The main ingredient in the essence is centella asiatica, which is supposed to relieve redness and have anti-inflammatory properties.  I thought the mask was comfortable and had lots of essence without being too drippy, but I don’t know that I saw much of a difference in redness afterward.  I used this after one of the blackhead removal masks above, and it wasn’t enough to calm my chin afterward.  Plus the sentiment overall made me feel kind of sad!

A’pieu Aqua Peeling Cotton Swab (Mild Type)

This is a giant cotton swab that is soaked in an essence that contains AHA/BHA complex, which is well known for its exfoliating properties.  There is also lime and papaya essence to soften the skin afterward.  I swiped it on my face after cleansing and left it for five minutes before continuing my routine, but I don’t think I really saw any difference.  That’s good because there was no irritation or redness, but bad because I’m not sure it did anything!  Maybe it was too mild for my skin.

Clio Nail Styler

Subscribers would have received this in one of three colors: Silk Top (the color I got), Ruffle Ruffle (a bright floral pink), and Pink Strap (a coral pink).  I really love my color, a nude dusty rose.  The color is very opaque and glossy – two coats were enough for full coverage.  The brush is also quite a bit larger than I’m used to, somewhere between a normal brush and those one-stroke coverage brushes that I’ve seen before.  The formula lasts for a long time: I saw minor chippage after two days, but it stayed pretty solid for almost a week!  There is also a light perfume fragrance to mask the typical nailpolish scent.  It smells like a powdery floral that I quite enjoyed, but if it’s not your cup of tea it fades after a day or two.

Skinfood Hair Magic Pads

These two little hair pads come in the shape of a red heart and a pair of pink lips.  I love the idea of them: they hold your hair back while you’re doing makeup or cleansing.  Unfortunately, I don’t have bangs that I need out of the way, and the rest of my hair is too long and thick for a Velcro pad really do much.  They do stick well in my hair, but I probably need something more heavy-duty like a headband.

Innisfree Green Barley Powder Wash 

The History of Whoo Ja Saeng Essence

Jini always includes little sample packets in each box.  I usually keep them in my travel stash for when I go on vacation (it definitely beats using hotel soap on my face!).  I’m excited to get a sample from The History of Whoo – it’s a pretty expensive brand that I have yet to try.  I couldn’t find a lot on this essence, but it looks like it targets wrinkles, dryness, sagging, and other aging effects.

I really loved the blackhead kits and the nailpolish from this month’s box!  I know Jini is a skincare box, but it’s nice that they include cosmetics every now and then just to mix things up.  I’m considering changing to a different skintype moving forward – you get a lot of aloe and calamine in this subscription, and I’m up to my ears in aloe gels!  I think Jini does a good job of mixing routine products (things like essences or moisturizers that you would use daily) with one-time products (blackhead kits, sheet masks, peeling gels, and other one-off items), so you don’t end up with tons of products sitting on your sink or vanity.  This is a well-balanced subscription for anyone who is curious about Korean skincare and beauty!


All opinions are my own.  No compensation was received for this review.  This post contains affiliate links.



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