Yogi Surprise – June 2017 Review

Yogi Surprise offers two kinds of boxes: the Lifestyle Box and the Jewelry Box.  The Lifestyle Box is $44.95/month and includes 6-8 items.  The Jewelry Box is $24.95/month and includes 2 pieces of jewelry and 1 organic treat.  This is a review of the June Jewelry Box.

This month’s theme is Summer Solstice.

Each box comes with an information card detailing the three items in the box.  This month, they sent a necklace, a bracelet, and an energy ball.

Each month, they preview one item from next month’s box.  July’s box will include this Summer Inspiration Necklace.  I’m super excited about next month’s necklace.  I’m already in love just from looking at the picture.

Everything in this month’s Yogi Surprise Jewelry box.

Summer Lotus/Om Necklace ($41) – This was their spoiler item.  However, I was still very surprised when I got my hands on it.  It’s a really special piece.  I don’t think I’ve seen a similar necklace in the time I’ve subscribed to Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box.  I love the power provided by Lotus and OM, and amethyst is definitely my favorite natural stone.  I really love the chiffon straps as well.  The only thing I’m still wondering is how to match this beautiful and delicate piece with clothing.

Our Summer Lotus/OM necklace is the perfect jewelry piece to wear while welcoming the light of summer and harnessing your spiritual strength.  Colors of white and violet will encourage you to open your crown chakra and connect to a force greater than yourself as you embark on new adventures this summer.  Beautiful amethyst stones will also help balance out your emotions and bring you back to a state of tranquility amidst all the seasonal heat and excitement.

Closeup of the charms.

Summer Lotus Bracelet ($22) – I don’t know how well this matches with the necklace because the strap is very different.  When I first opened this bracelet it just looked like an okay piece for me, but when I put it on I liked it.  My only problem is that the lotus is only connected to the ring in one place, so it has a tendency to flop all over the place while I’m wearing it.

We’ve paired our Summer Lotus/OM necklace with a matching Summer Lotus bracelet for a light, airy, and simply divine look.  Its combination of silver and white colors will support your crown chakra work while an elegant lotus flower embellishment will help keep your awareness pure, clear, and calm through the hot summer months.

Closeup of the bracelet on my arm.

Bounce Cacao Mint ($2.99) – If all the protein bars tasted like this, I would be eating them nonstop.  I love how balanced the minty and cacao flavors are.  I’m definitely repurchasing this.

Fuel up with this mouthwatering energy ball to reenergize your body when you need something quick and tasty.  You’ll love this crunchy yet smooth chocolatey treat that offers just a hint of mint plus 9 grams of protein to keep you full for hours.


Overall, this is another great month from Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box.  I really like both jewelry pieces, and the treat is absolutely delicious too.

If you’re interested in Yogi Surprise, you can get 10% off using this link.

Purchased.  Referral links.  All opinions are my own and no compensation was received.



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