BomiBox – April 2017 Review + Coupon Code

BomiBox is a beauty subscription box.  It delivers 8 full-sized and/or deluxe sample sized Korean beauty products every month.  Shipping is free within the US, and they ship worldwide for an additional cost.  The regular price is $37/month, with discounts for longer subscriptions, but if you use the coupon code SYMISHIyou can get $2 off your next box!

This is a review of their April box, which is also their Mother’s Day box. They upload scratch card spoilers on their site before shipping each month’s boxes.

Everything in April’s BomiBox.

They included an information card in the box.

They included this quote on their information card.

Holika Holika Aloe 92% Shower Gel – Yay for the classic Holika Holika aloe gel bottle!  I have a soothing gel and foam cleanser with the same package.  I have to say that out of the three products, the shower gel is actually my favorite.  It keeps the classic refreshing aloe scent and it applies as a gel but it foams very well.  (See arm swatches below.)  I had a cooling sensation on my skin and it felt smooth and moisturized.

Mizon Water Volume EX First Essence – I’m not super big on first treatment essences (FTE’s).  I often use them as toners.  This one contains snow algae, ceramides, and hydra salinol for skin moisturizing and moringa extract for skin soothing, and the “Hydratox technology to improve skin’s barrier”.  I’ve been using this one as a toner for a few days.  It has a soap-like smell.  The texture is definitely watery like a toner, and I can feel my skin being hydrated and smooth after use.  Other than that, I haven’t noticed much of a change yet.

The shower gel before foaming…

…and after.

It’s Skin Collagen Emulsion – This is the only product in the box I haven’t opened because I just opened a huge bottle of emulsion.  I will update when I eventually try this.  I have to say that this bottle is my dream because I really like matte finish glass bottles.  It contains marine collagen to restore elasticity and volume for healthy looking skin.  The patented “hydra 2” provides ample nutrition and moisture.

Innisfree x Emoji No-Sebum Mineral Powder Anniversary Limited Edition – Yay I finally got my hands on these emoji powders.  Each subscriber got a different emoji.  This is totally my face sometimes.  This is a powder to set makeup, correct dull skin tone, or to touch up areas that are too shiny.  It contains sebum control powder, jeju natural mineral, and mint extracts to keep the balance between oil and moisture for a “refreshing finish and baby-soft perfect downy skin”.  I can’t help but compare all finishing powders to my HG one, the Skinfood Peach Sake powder.  I’d say this one works almost as well as that.  It leaves my skin with a smooth and matte finish and keeps my makeup in place for the whole day.  The only thing I don’t like is that I didn’t sense much smell like I did from the Peach Sake one, but the cute emoji case compensates for that.

TheFaceShop LovelyMee Handcream – Yeeeeeees!  I’ve been eyeing this super cute handcream forever.  Thank you Bomi Box for including it in this month’s box.  The hand cream has a very light texture and it absorbs into my skin quickly.  My hands felt very soft and smooth.  My only slight problem with this hand cream is that it has a fairly strong floral scent which I think is a little too intense for me.

Inside the emoji powder.

Inside the hand cream.

Symphony Beauty Makeup Cleansing Wipes – On to this month’s cleansing products.  The information card said that the bonus item would be the Alive Lab Multi Ice Cream, but I got this instead.  I used to be really big on cleansing tissues until I found really good cleansing balms.  However, I still use these tissues while traveling.  These tissues have a pretty refreshing herbal scent.  They work on light makeup products, but for waterproof mascara and eyeliner they’re lacking.  I did feel my skin being moisturized after using these, unlike some other cleansing tissues that leave my skin dry.

B. Lab I Am Sorry Just Cleansing Cleansing Water – This is the cleansing water I’ve seen everywhere on social media, so I was excited to try this.  This is a no-water cleanser, so you soak a cotton pad in the product and gently smooth it across the skin.  To remove eye makeup, you leave the cotton pad on your eyes for 10-20 seconds.  It’s rich in plant extracts and requires no water or rinsing off.  I think it’s a good product for traveling.  The cleansing water definitely does the job even for my tough waterproof makeup.  However, I accidentally got some in my eye while leaving the cotton pad on, and it irritated my eye (as I would expect from the alcohol in the ingredients).

Mediheal Collagen Essential Impact Mask – This mask is not new to me.  I remember trying it a long time ago.  This mask contains marine collagen, vitamin E, and marine elastine for radiant and youthful appearance and to improve skin’s water retention and prevent dryness and skin flaking.  It has a light herbal scent and is soaked with essence like most Mediheal masks.  I had some leftover essence as well.  The fit and attachment of this mask are great.  I had an almost 1 hour masking session with this mask until it started to get dry.  My skin felt soft and hydrated afterwards.

A’Pieu Milk One Pack – A’Pieu’s Milk One Packs are one of my favorite lines of sheet masks.  This is the fifth flavor from the line that I’ve tried.  It contains milk, strawberry, and pearl extracts for skin hydrating, brightening, and soothing.  I have to admit that I’ve been avoiding the strawberry milk one, since (as you might know) I don’t like artificial strawberry flavor because it reminds me of the toothpaste I used when I was little.  I’d say this one does have an artificial strawberry scent, but it’s also sweet and refreshing so it didn’t bother me too much.  The mask sheet is very soft and soaked in milky essence.  I had some leftover essence which I put on my neck area.  The attachment of this mask is awesome and the fit is also really good.  After a 40 minute masking session, my skin felt very soft and plumped.  However, compared to the other Milk One packs, this one left my skin feeling a bit sticky.

Overall, I think this is another really great creation from BomiBox.  It contains products for cleansing, FTE’s, emulsions, and sheet masks, the first few steps of my skincare routine.  It also has finishing powder and a cute hand cream.  I was also pretty happy to see a shower gel, which is not common in BomiBox but I really love how considerate the curator is because Holika Holika’s aloe soothing gel and cleanser were just too popular so everyone’s already tried them but not the shower gel.

If you are interested in Bomibox, you can get one here. Use code: SYMISHI to save $2!

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