Jini Beauty – March/April 2017 Review

Jini Beauty is a bimonthly Korean skincare subscription that curates its boxes around four different skintypes: Oily/Acne, Normal/Combination, Dry/Mature, and Troubled/Sensitive.  Each box contains 6-8 full size products and deluxe samples, two sheet masks, and complimentary samples.  This is a review of the March/April box for Troubled/Sensitive skin.

Jini Beauty – Sensitive/Troubled Skin

$44.95 per box, with free shipping within the US.  Shipping is $8 to Canada.

Jini Beauty offers 6-month and 12-month prepay plans, with a slight discount per box.

There are also new features to their online shop!  Now you can purchase a 1T (one-time) box for $29.95 (regular size) or $49.95 (deluxe size).  This is not part of the bimonthly subscription, so it’s great for testing the waters before committing, or if you’re a current subscriber who wants to try out a new skintype!

AND, current subscribers can purchase Add-Ons that will be included in their next box!  You can choose from past inclusions for any skintype, so if you’d like to try something you saw in someone else’s box, or if you need a refill on something you loved in your own box, this is a great option.

Each Jini box contains a detailed information card about the products.  It lists key ingredients, and gives brief instructions for use.  It also tells you what step to use everything, which is so helpful because Asian skincare routines consist of like ten steps and it can be confusing where a new product goes.

Secret Key Witch Hazel My Bottle Soothing Gel – $19.90 

Secret Key’s clear gel contains 92% witch hazel water for calming and moisture.  I actually have never tried witch hazel before, but I know it’s supposed to be great for soothing irritated skin!  I used this as a secondary essence step after a particularly harsh exfoliating/peeling routine and I think it did help to prevent irritation the next day.  It has a clean, almost soap-like scent that goes away quickly, and it absorbs easily into the skin with no residue.  This will be great for the warmer summer months when you want a moisturizer that’s cool and light!

Peripera Blur Pang – Banana Milk Blur – $6.36

This primer contains 99% banana extract, New Zealand bovine colostrum (a type of cow milk), Jeju goat milk, and vitamin complex.  I’m generally pretty skeptical of primers, but this one may have converted me!  It has a very slight whitening effect that really does even out my skintone and blur any imperfections, without looking like I’ve overdone it with sunscreen.  I actually wore this alone without foundation (something I never do!), and my skin still looked smooth and glow-y.  It has a light banana milk scent that doesn’t linger, and it provides a great base for my foundation.

Tosowoong Natural Aloe Pure Essence – $5.73

(I couldn’t find the essence, so the link goes to the lotion of the same size from the same line.)

Wow, there are a lot of ingredients in this essence: 75% aloe juice, a blend of 10 different berry extracts, EGF, adenosine, and niacinamide all work together to sooth, moisturize, prevent aging, and even skintone.  I didn’t see too much of an effect at first, but after having used this for a couple weeks I think it really does improve my skintone!  Asian skincare labels a lot of things as “whitening,” but that doesn’t mean it bleaches your skin – rather, it lightens any hyperpigmentation spots and makes everything smoother.  I certainly think it’s helped with redness and dullness in my skin, so I’m a fan!

SWISSPURE Water Sun Gel (SPFF35 PA++) – $6.55

In general, I prefer Asian sunscreens to their Western counterparts.  I’ve found that Asian sunscreen is lighter and gel-based, as opposed to the creamy ones you see in drugstores here.  That means they absorb easily into skin and don’t leave the typical white cast.  This sunscreen actually seems like more of a hybrid: it’s a clear gel with little white particles of sunscreen suspended in it.  It feels grainy at first, but once you rub it in it disappears and becomes totally smooth.  This didn’t leave a cast on my skin, and had a very light sunscreen scent.  While it still doesn’t come close to my favorite (Biore’s Watery Aqua Gel), it’s a nice alternative that encourages me to keep up the habit of daily sunscreen wear!

BANOBAGI Vita Geni Illuminating Powder Ampoule – $2.38 (currently on sale at RoseRoseShop)

I’ve never tried a powder ampoule before, and according to Jini this one uses nanotechnology to deliver a dose of vitamins, lactic acid, and other fermented ingredients.  The info card says to  apply the powder directly to the face and rub it in until it emulsifies into a lotion, but I also found instructions online saying to mix it directly into an essence.  I’m not a fan of mixing my skincare steps so I didn’t test it like that, but when I tried applying the powder to my face it didn’t really emulsify.  In fact, it sort of just disappeared in a poof of dust.  The powder has a sort of vitamin-y scent that I usually associate with Flintstone vitamins (not really a fan), and it leaves my face a little sticky, as if I had put on a heavy essence.  I didn’t really see an effect with this, and I’m not sure I did it right.  So while I appreciate that I got to try something new, I’m afraid this might have been a miss for me.

IT’S SKIN Babyface Petit Mascara (#03 Clear) – $2.66

I used to wear waterproof black mascara daily, but it started to irritate my contacts so I stopped.  Jini included a clear one from It’s Skin that is supposed to condition and prime lashes with black food complex and acetylpeptide.  This can be worn alone for a natural look, or under regular mascara.  I tried it out alone, and I didn’t see a big difference in length or volume.  The mascara also made my lashes very sticky and heavy, and it definitely felt like there was something coating them.  I probably won’t be rewearing this – it was quite uncomfortable.

PETITFEE Resurrection Plant Soothing Gel Mask – $0.66

This sheet mask has more of a gel-like texture than the typical cotton-y sheet masks.  It’s a very comfortable, soothing feeling on the skin.  The essence contains true rose of Jericho, which helps with hydration and vitality.  This mask had a nice fit and a fresh scent, and left my skin well moisturized.  The essence absorbed quickly and didn’t leave behind a tacky residue.

SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask – $1.17

I used this mask after a particularly harsh exfoliating regimen, and I’m so glad I did!  The essence contains coconut water, licorice, and Japanese knotweed extract to control oil and moisture and alleviate redness.  I definitely think it helped soothe my skin and prevent blotchiness the next day.  It had a comfortable fit, and the sheet had a cute green dragon pattern on it.


MEDIHEAL Hair Sheep Steam Mask – $4.00

This steam mask is meant to tame split ends, frizz, and damage using Spanish polyplant and hydrolyzed collagen.  While my hair is definitely damaged from years of dying it, I actually have yet to test this one out.  You have to wash your hair first, let the mask soak in for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it out.  I have too much hair to rinse it in the sink, and I don’t really want to hop out of the shower for 15 minutes only to get back in again, so I will have to find another solution for how to use this.


SKINFOOD Rice Mask Wash Off

Nature Republic Super Origin Complete Control Cream (C.C.) Tinted

Jini usually includes at least two bonus sample packets in each box.  I like to stash them in my travel bag for when I go out of town.  Face washes are something I can never get enough sample packets of (unlike moisturizers…), so I am very happy to be able to add this one to my collection!


Overall, I found this to be a great box.  I love the aloe essence and the milk blur primer, and even though the hair mask, powder ampoule, and mascara were a miss for me, I’m glad I got to try out some unusual items I normally wouldn’t pick out.  My running total came out to be $48.50, which is just over the cost of the box.  However if you were to actually buy these items, even with the links I provided, you would have to pay an arm and a leg for overseas shipping as well.  I love testing out new products, and I think Jini does a great job curating their boxes so that I’m always surprised!

All opinions in this review are my own.  No compensation was received.  This post contains affiliate links.



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