Bokksu – April 2017 Review

Bokksu’s theme for the month of April is “Gluttonous Osaka”!  It celebrates the ancient capital’s reputation as Kuidaorenomachi – the city where you eat until you drop!

$39/month with free shipping in the US and $5 shipping to Canada.

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I’m really loving these high quality boxes!  This is the second month they’ve sent them out, and I can see myself saving these and repurposing them for something.  Any suggestions from the more Pinterest-savvy?

The third largest city in Japan, Osaka is considered “the gourmet capital of Japan” and has a rich cultural background in comedy and theater as well.  The snacks in this month’s box are special to this unique city!

Bokksu has also started a new rewards program!  You can earn points by leaving reviews or following them on social media, and then spend those points to get discounts on boxes or purchases from their online shop.  You can find out more by visiting their site.

Bokksu’s vibrantly-colored information card gives you information on each snack.  They include a brief description, as well as allergen information.  Just reading the blurbs made my mouth water!

Osaka Cheese Stick by Maeda Seika

This slice of cake is layered with camembert cheese, and even has little cheese rind pieces baked on top!  It’s delicately sweet, but with a distinctly savory cheesy aftertaste.  The texture is a little denser than normal cake thanks to the cheese, but it’s somehow still light and fluffy!  I actually enjoyed this way more than I thought I would – it’s so unique, and perfectly balances sweet and savory.  Bokksu recommends chilling this in the fridge, which is how I plan to try it next!

Osaka Caramel Cake by Maeda Seika

These little bites of cake have a rich caramel flavor and are perfectly moist.  They’re so good that they won a Monde Gold Award in 2014!  They really do taste lovely and do a nice job of bringing out the caramel flavor without being overly sweet.  I’m glad they come in small portions because I would definitely overindulge on them!

Rich Baked Chocolat by Nakajima Taishodo

This chocolate cake is so rich and moist, and contains just a subtle touch of rum to really emphasize the dark flavor.  It’s almost like a brownie in richness, but with the bittersweet taste of a dark chocolate cake.  The best of both worlds!

Osaka Chocolate Egg by Redhorse Corporation

This “egg” is a white cake filled with a sweet white bean paste and encased in a thin layer of white chocolate.  After missing out on the Tokyo Egg in last month’s Snakku, I was so excited to get to try this one!  It’s a delicately sweet treat, and the cake layer is prevented from drying out by the thin chocolate layer.  It’s a very cute treat, and kind of perfect for Easter this month!

Okonomiyaki Senbei by Osaka No Aji Honpo

Okonomiyaki are little grilled pancakes that are usually topped with a variety of ingredients like seafood or vegetables.  These senbei (rice crackers) are topped with freeze-dried ingredients in a cute little imitation of okonomiyaki!  Bokksu includes two flavors: mayo and cabbage.  I honestly couldn’t really taste the difference between the two – they both had a salty, almost seafood-like flavor.  The texture was quite odd: it started off crispy, but ended up dissolving into a grainy feeling.  I’m wondering if that’s because of the freeze-dried ingredients.  I did like these senbei quite a bit though.  In spite of the texture, the flavor was very authentic to real okonomiyaki!

Mayo Okaki by Faithwin

These rice crackers are available only in Osaka, and are made with Osaka mayo and rice from the Saga Prefecture.  They’re wonderfully crispy, and really do have a slight mayo taste!  Japanese mayo is a little different from Western mayonnaise: it’s a little sweeter and creamier.  The sweetness from the mayo really plays well with the salty rice cracker.  I could eat a lot of these in one sitting!

Takoyaki Corn Puffs by Japan Frito-Lay

Takoyaki are little fried balls of octopus topped with a sweet sauce and powdered seaweed.  I’ll admit, I don’t really enjoy octopus (something about the texture), but I’ve always loved the flavor of takoyaki.  They’re a popular street food in Japan, and these corn puffs recreate the taste so well!  They’re very airy and fluffy, but have a pleasant sweet-salty taste.  There are a lot in this bag, but honestly I wish there were more because these are delicious!

Glico Caramel by Ezaki Glico

These little caramels contain Vitamins B2 and D, and Glico claims you can run 200 meters on each piece.  What an interesting claim for a candy!  The “Glico” name comes from “glycogen,” a form of sugar that the body uses to store energy.  The caramels are chewy, which was surprising!  I thought they would be a hard candy, but they are actually quite soft.

The candies come individually wrapped in adorable packaging, and they’re heart-shaped!  The box also arrived with a toy, a three-piece wooden giraffe.  I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, and the pieces don’t fit together or anything so it’s constantly falling apart, but it’s a cute little bonus.

Genmaicha Green Tea by Yamamotoyama

Genmaicha is a blend of roasted brown rice and green tea, which gives it a simultaneously fresh and smoky flavor.  This one is also blended with matcha tea, which gives it a nice green color and a slightly bitter taste.  It’s a very warm, nutty tea that pairs well with all of the savory snacks in the box!  I would have liked it more for a cold winter day, but it makes a lot of sense with the salty flavors.

Overall, I really enjoyed this box from Bokksu!  Most of the Japanese snack boxes I receive are full of sweet treats and senbei – which I do love, don’t get me wrong – but this one felt more unique.  There were more salty snacks, and even the desserts had a savory side!  I liked the cheese sticks way more than I thought I would (I’m still thinking about them, and I’m sad they’re both gone now), and the takoyaki corn puffs were everything I wanted: the delicious taste of takoyaki without the octopus texture I’m not fond of.  After I finished this box, I made my boyfriend promise that Osaka would be on our itinerary next time we visit Japan!


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