Loot Crate Sanrio Small Gift Crate – Spring 2017 Review

Lootcrate offers a variety of subscription boxes.  Their Sanrio Small Gift Crate is a quarterly Sanrio subscription box.  It costs $34.95 + $5 shipping per quarter, with discounts for longer subscriptions, and includes “EXCLUSIVE collectibles and apparel, including kawaii figures, adorable accessories and more Sanrio goodies every quarter! A $75 value in every crate!”

This is a review of the spring crate.

The cute packaging is sealed with a sticker that has a trinket attached to it.

Like most Loot Crate boxes, this box can be turned inside out.  It makes this mailbox.

Everything in this quarter’s Sanrio Small Gift crate.

What’s in the envelope?

The cutest information card ever!

This month’s theme is Friendship.

Exclusive Hello Kitty & Dear Daniel Mamepuchi Plush Set – Is it just me or do these two guys look like Tsum Tsums?  I’m an avid Tsum Tsum collector, so I’ll gladly take these super cute exclusive plushes into my collection.  Look at that lace skirt!

Exclusive Patty & Jimmy Enamel Pin Set – These two pins “feature two 3″ pins of Patty and Jimmy sharing a balloon”.  I actually really love matching keychains and pins, and I think this is a very good item for gifting.

Exclusive Hello Kitty & Mimmy Letter Set – It’s been a while since I’ve seen Mimmy.  I love that the set comes with cute stickers, envelopes, a notepad, and lined paper.

Exclusive Little Twin Stars Infinity Scarf – Little Twin Stars has been one of my favorite Sanrio series since I was a kid.  I love the “pastel foil print”, and it is “one of a kind” because it’s exclusive to Small Gift Crate.  I’m so excited to carry Kiki and Lala in the starry sky with me everywhere.

Exclusive Little Twin Stars Stackable Mugs – Yay another matching item!  These little stackable mugs are too cute and I love that the little star on the handle can be used as a hook to loop tea bag strings.

Exclusive My Melody Charm – My Melody is yet another of my favorite characters from Sanrio, and I love that this charm features one of her most classic looks.  According to the information card, this can be connected to the Hello Kitty chain from the first Small Gift crate, and I think this will make a very good zipper charm.

Sanrio Friendship Trinket – I guess this is a tradition that they tape a small object to seal the wrap inside the crate.  I’m happy to see that this little charm is actually a tape dispenser.  The colors and characters will vary.

Overall, I’m really happy with the second Lootcrate Sanrio Small Gift.  I think they even stepped it up from the last crate by including more useful and adorable items.  My favorite items from this month are the infinity scarf and the plushie set.

If you’re interested in Lootcrate Sanrio Small Gift (or any of Lootcrate’s other crates), click here to get one.

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