Loot Anime – March 2017 Review

This month’s theme is “Future”, and it explores the world of cyberpunk and advanced technology.  It features items from Ghost in the Shell: Arise, Psycho-Pass, and Kiznaiver!

Loot Anime

$24.95/month including shipping.

$5 off your monthly subscription if you have a Crunchyroll account!

Loot Anime is part of the Loot Crate family.  Each box contains 4-6 items from various animes that are all related to the monthly theme.  The items are all fully licensed, and many are exclusive to Loot Anime boxes.  They also include one manga volume and (usually) one item of clothing.

Every month, the product information for each item is listed on the back of a gorgeous poster.  On this one, Yume (the Loot Anime mascot) rides in a Gundam-like robot.  The artwork is always amazing!

And here is the product info!

The tshirt this month celebrates the release of Ghost in the Shell: Arise, a prequel to the popular Ghost in the Shell series.  It features the main character, Major Motoko Kusanagi, before she joined the infamous Section 9.  It’s a medium-weight fitted tshirt that comes down a bit long on me.  I actually like longer shirts though so that’s not a problem at all!  It’s a timely inclusion considering the release of the US movie as well.

Yay!  Loot Anime has included a manga this month!  They always include a book of some sort, but for the past few boxes they’ve been light novels.  I’m happy to see a manga again.  This is an exclusive cover custom designed for Loot Anime!

The artwork in this is gorgeous.  I’ve never heard of it before, but it’s from the same creator as No Game No Life!  From Loot Anime,

One thousand years after the Earth dies, a mysterious man rebuilds it using gears.  In the present, high school student and gear enthusiast Naoto Miura finds a box that contains an android girl named RyuZU.  What happens next changes both Naoto and society itself.

The next item is from Psycho-Pass!  I watched the first season of this on Netflix and it was very interesting and thought-provoking.  It introduces the idea that a crime can be stopped before it happens by giving people a Psycho-Pass rating, which changes the closer you get to committing a crime.  It’s the job of the Public Safety Bureau, a group of reformed criminals, to catch people before they do something bad.

Inside the box is a Dominator!  This is the weapon of choice of the Public Safety Bureau.  The damage it does is correlated to how dangerous the target is: minor threats might only be stunned, while seriously bad guys could get a more lethal attack.

A real Dominator opens up before it releases an attack.  This little guy opens up to reveal a USB drive!  At 2GB of storage, it can hold quite a bit!  It is a little big and bulky though, and unfortunately my Mac no longer has a port for USBs, so I’ll have to share this with someone else.  It’s a great item though – the detail is pretty amazing, and it feels solid and sturdy.

The next item is a mousepad featuring all of the characters from Kiznaiver!  I watched the first episode of the show, and I’ll be honest, it confused me a little.  The main character (the boy with white hair) has trouble feeling and exhibiting any sort of emotion.  He and some of his high school classmates are (involuntarily) signed up to part of the new Kizna System, which forces group members to share pain both physical and emotional, in an effort to understand one another and create a peaceful world.  This mousepad is great quality and features a very cool design!  My boyfriend was very excited to see this, since he needs a new mousepad and watches Kiznaiver!

The final item is a cell phone charm featuring Yume in her mech pilot outfit.  As with every month, this month’s charm has three possibilities for hanging: a nylon loop, a lobster clasp, and a dust plug.


Overall, this was a great month for Loot Anime!  I’ve seen and enjoyed almost all of the shows featured, and the items were high quality and very well designed.  I also appreciate that they’re all useful things I can use on a daily basis!  You can always count on Loot Anime to deliver beautiful licensed merchandise from popular shows.


All opinions are my own.  No compensation was received for this review.  This post contains affiliate links.



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