Fangirl Monthly – March 2017 Review

Fangirl Monthly is a monthly subscription that sends jewelry and accessories from an anime or manga.  This month’s theme is Sword Art Online!

$18/month plus $3.99 shipping within the U.S., $10.99 to Canada, and $13.99 internationally.

You can also purchase 3 and 6 month prepaid subscriptions for a slight discount.

I’ve seen the first season of Sword Art Online and really enjoyed it.  It’s a great show about gamers whose minds are trapped in the latest high tech virtual reality computer game.  They must advance through all of the game levels to win and escape the game.  It examines the unique and complex relationships in the gaming community, and is surprisingly emotional and endearing.

Every month, Fangirl Monthly sends their jewelry in a customized drawstring bag.  This month’s design features a pair of crossed swords.  I believe these belong to Kirito, the main character.  The weapons in this show are very unique and instantly recognizable to most fans.  I don’t really pay attention to weaponry though, so it tends to be lost on me.  I do love collecting these canvas bags, though.  They’re durable and great for travel.

Fangirl Monthly also includes a postcard in each box.  This minimalist design depicts Asuna Yuuki, another main character in the show.  She’s a talented swordsman and love interest of Kirito.

Sword Charms Necklace

I had to check with my boyfriend on this one (so if I’m wrong, blame him), but I believe these three are Kirito’s swords.  Kirito learns the rare skill of dual-wielding in the game, which explains why he has more swords than most.  The detail on these swords is very impressive.  The enamel coloring is clean and crisp, with no bleeding or smudging.

The back of each sword has “Sword Art Online” engraved on it!

Yui’s Heart Glass Pendant Cosplay Necklace

So this is pretty much the quintessential SAO jewelry.  Kirito and Asuna adopt a young program in the game, who due to a series of circumstances is turned into a blue crystal.  Kirito then makes the crystal into a pendant for a grieving Asuna.  I like jewelry that is a subtle nod to the show, but even though this is very symbolic in SAO, it’s quite a generic design and probably not recognizable out of context.  It’s a lightweight plastic that feels cheap, like a toy necklace you would give to a child.

Sword Art Online Inspired Bronze Pocket Watch

Fangirl Monthly tends to include a lot of pocket watches in their boxes.  The cover of this one (where the letters “SAO” are) actually spins freely from the rim.  It feels sturdy and heavy, so I don’t worry about it breaking easily.  The design is quite brand-heavy: the cover features the letters “SAO”, has “Sword Art Online” written out twice, and also features the anime name in Japanese.

The watch face has an elegant design with very curly font and matching hour/minute hands.

The back of the watch also has intricate curlicue design.  It’s quite subtle though – if you’re looking from a distance, you probably couldn’t see it.

Custom Ketsumei Kishidan Pin by GeekMePretty

This pin might be my favorite piece in the whole box!  The red cross design is symbolic of the guild that Asuna joins in the game, the Knights of the Blood Oath.  She becomes quite a high ranking member of the guild, which is one of the best in the virtual world.  This is exactly the type of accessory I was hoping for: subtle and versatile!  The pin is a beautiful glittery red that sparkles well in the light.  The metal itself is brass plated with gold.

It has the typical pin backing that snaps together well so I don’t worry about it falling off easily.  I could see myself putting this on a bag or a jacket!


Overall, this was a much better box from Fangirl Monthly than the previous month.  I feel like the accessories this month are higher quality, and I love that they included an item from a small business.  I like Sword Art Online a lot, so I’m glad that they did the show justice here.  My favorites are the pin and the triple sword necklace!  This box arrives quite early in the month; mine always arrives in a very timely manner, I’ve just been out for a while so I didn’t get a chance to review it until now.  This is a nice box for anyone who enjoys cosplaying, or has trouble finding anime-themed jewelry.


All opinions are my own.  No compensation was received for this review.  This post contains affiliate links.



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  1. This looks like such a neat box! I’m not into monthly fandom boxes (can always run the risk of getting a fandom I don’t like) but the items look so unique and the value is surely there!

    1. If you follow Fangirl Monthly on Instagram, they usually announce the monthly fandom a few days beforehand so you have time to skip if you aren’t feeling it! It’s a very small window though – I’ve definitely had some months where I got a box for a fandom I wasn’t into.

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