Bokksu – April 2017 Spoilers & Coupon!

Bokksu is a subscription that delivers traditional artisanal Japanese snacks specially curated along a monthly theme.  The theme for the month of April is Gluttonous Osaka!

From Bokksu:

Many people believe that Tokyo produces the most delicious and authentic food in Japan, but if you were to ask any Japanese foodie, they would undoubtedly assert that it’s Osaka! A city bursting with energy, culture, and character, Osaka is truly a one-of-a-kind destination from freshly grilled Okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) and Takoyaki (pan-fried octopus balls) to strolling around beautiful Osaka Castle. For this month, to help you experience the fun, vibrant food culture of “Gluttonous Osaka”, we’ve curated a delicious assortment of snacks from Japan’s gourmet capital such as Okonomiyaki Senbei, Osaka Caramel Cake, Rich Baked Chocolate, and many other Osakan delights!

This box will also include the following treats:

Osaka Chocolate Egg

Rich Baked Chocolate

Osaka Caramel Cake

Okonomiyaki Senbei

Takoyaki Corn Puffs

PLUS, if you use the code BEEJU or BEEJU10, you can get $10 off any Classic Bokksu subscription!


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I'm a researcher for a pharmaceutical company in Maryland. Most of my money goes toward spoiling my cat. The rest of it goes to subscription boxes.

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