BomiBox – February 2017 Review + Coupon Code

Bomi Box is a beauty subscription box.  It delivers 8 full-sized and/or deluxe sample sized Korean beauty products every month.  Shipping is free within the US, and they ship worldwide for an additional cost.  The regular price is $37/month, with discounts for longer subscriptions, but if you use the coupon code SYMISHIyou can get $2 off your next box!

This is a review of their February box. They upload scratch card spoilers on their site before shipping each month’s boxes.

Everything in February’s BomiBox.

They included an information card in the box.

This month’s theme is Blessed.

Polatam Water Gel Extra Force Brightening Mask – This is my first Polatam mask.  The mask material is made of cupro fiber “which can hold up to 10 times the amount of essence than a cotton mask”, which I could see because it was SOAKED with essence.  It has a gel type of essence that contains “oakwood root, natural minerals, licorice extract, niacinamide, and ceramides to nourish and brighten dull skin”.  The mask has a soapy scent.  The general fit is good everywhere.  The adhesion is excellent.  I usually don’t care too much about brightening masks because they seldom do anything to my pale skin, but this one had a really good brightening and whitening effect.  It actually made my dark circles shine.

Papa Recipe Bombee Honey Mask – Papa Recipe is one of the favorite sheet mask brands of all Asian beauty lovers.  This is their regular bombee honey mask, which surprisingly is the only one I haven’t tried other than the newest ginseng mask, so I was extremely excited to try it.  This mask is designed to hydrate, soften, and illuminate.  It has two layers; you need to pull off the plastic layer before using it.  It has a delicious honey scent.  The mask material was soft and thin, and it was soaked with essence.  The general fit is good except the sides are a bit too big for me.  The adhesion is great, as with all of their masks.  My skin felt very plumped, soft, and hydrated after the 50 minute mask session.

Purpletale 5 Steps to Lovely Skin Complete Facial Solution – I’ve tried this one before.  This is a 5-step treatment that includes a cleanser, ampoule, bio-cellulose sheet mask, facial cream, and neck cream.  I like the idea that you can have a very simple skincare routine in one package.  However, I’m not sure about having a facial cream and separate neck cream.  The cleanser step is a very thick cream that lathers very well.  My skin felt smooth after using it.  The ampoule is a clear gel.  I sensed only alcohol smell from it.  The gel mask is the best part of this.  It’s a bit of a pain to separate the plastic layers from the gel mask, and it has a small fit for my face, but it has great adhesion and my face felt smooth and moisturized after use.  The last two steps are both fairly thick creams.  I didn’t sense much scent.  They have good moisturizing ability without being too sticky.

Skinfood Peach Sake Toner – No, there weren’t two in the box – this picture shows the one that came in the box beside the one I just opened.  Skinfood’s peach sake line is my favorite ever line in their collection.  The toner contains vitamin A and C from rice sake and peach extracts to “promote healthy skin with anti-oxidants that reduce free radical damage”.  The toner is lightweight and very refreshing, and of course it smells like heaven because all of their peach sake products smell awesome, like sweet peach.  I could feel my skin being smooth after use.  The peach sake pore serum and finishing powder are my absolute holy grail products out of all the products I’ve tried.  The toner is very good, but not as good as those two.

Secret Key Snow White Milky Pack – I’ve been curious about this whitening pack for a while.  I’ve been holding back on whitening packs because I feel like they’ll leave a white layer on my face.  This one contains niacinamide and hyaluronic acid for skin brightness and radiance.  It also lightens scars and dullness and evens skin tone over time.  You’re supposed to massage it 2-3 times a week onto a clean face and leave it on for 2-3 minutes before washing it off.  I was surprised that it worked for brightening and whitening, but still left my skin looking natural.

Swatches: right after putting it on my skin, after spreading it around, and after rinsing.

Labiotte Mini Wine Lip Tint – This one is in color Red 01.  I have a full size red-purple color of this one and I love it because the pigmentation is really good and the staying power is awesome.  It has a berry scent.  I have to say this mini version is also very cute.

Swatch of the lip tint.

Missha Time Revolution Travel Kit – Missha’s First Treatment Essence (FTE) has been everywhere, even in March’s Target Beauty Box (which was my reason for getting that box, without knowing that Bomibox would also have it).  You’re supposed to use FTE’s after toner, but sometimes I just use it after washing (as a toner).  Afterwards, you’re supposed to use the Night Repair Science Activator before bed.  “The FTE contains Missha’s favorite Miracle Water Essence which has 80% fermented yeast concentrate (saccharomyces ferment filtrate) to deeply repair and nourish your skin”.  It’s unscented and very lightweight.  It made my skin feel hydrated and smooth, almost like a semi-matte finish.  I think it’s a good FTE, but there are better ones out there.  The Night Repair has “lactic acid and fermented ingredients to create smooth, young, and firm skin”.  It has a yellowish, thicker type of essence.  However, it absorbs into my skin without leaving any stickiness, which I love.  I did feel my skin being soft and smooth.  I think this is a very good sampler kit to test out some of Missha’s popular products.

Closeup of the Night Repair bottle and dropper.

Polatam Deep Moist Cream (bonus item) – It contains “oak sap and natural essential oil that replenishes the lack of moisture in the skin and prevents moisture loss”.  It’s a medium thickness cream.  It doesn’t have too much scent.  It does the job of moisturizing, but I didn’t notice any other effect.  I was glad to try it out.

Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment – This is one of the things that I was most excited to try out because I’ve seen it everywhere and I’m always on the hunt for a good lip treatment.  It smells like honey and the texture is pretty much exactly like honey.  It’s sticky when you put it on, but once it gets absorbed it just creates a moist layer that makes your skin feel soft.  I accidentally tasted a little bit and, like most lip treatments, it actually tastes sweet lol.  I will definitely repurchase this.

Swatches of the moist cream, before and after spreading.

Overall, I think this is an awesome curation from Bomibox.  I love that there are sheet masks, toner, wash-off packs, and makeup products and I was also happy to try some of the minis of popular products.  I’m looking forward to the next Bomibox.

If you are interested in Bomibox, you can get one here. Use code: SYMISHI to save $2!

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