Fangirl Monthly – February 2017 Review

Fangirl Monthly is a subscription box that delivers jewelry and accessories curated around an anime, manga, or video game. Each box includes 3-5 items, with at least one piece handmade by a small business. This month’s theme is Naruto!

$18/month plus $3.99 shipping within the U.S., $10.99 to Canada, and $13.99 internationally.

You can also purchase 3 and 6 month prepaid subscriptions for a slight discount.

Here is the Naruto-themed information card for this month. There isn’t a lot of information on the products: no artist/supplier info, material info, or cost/value. To be perfectly honest, I’m not a big Naruto fan – I actually meant to skip this month, but I missed the deadline. I don’t watch the show (it went on forever and I couldn’t get into it after a few trial episodes), but I know there is a huge following so I shall do my best with this review!

Exclusive “Team 7” Postcard Print

Every Fangirl Monthly box includes a minimalist postcard print of the characters from the theme. This month’s card features the ninja holy trinity and their teacher: Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, and Kakashi! It’s a well-printed postcard that comes in a plastic sheath for protection.

Custom Hakke no Fuin Shiki Jewelry Pouch

The jewelry in each box comes in a customized canvas pouch. This one features a lovely design of the seal that Naruto uses to access and control his inner demon’s power. The pouches are always made of a good, sturdy material that protects the jewelry inside well.

Konohagakure Symbol Necklace

This pendant is the symbol of Naruto’s village, Konoha, whose name translates to “Hidden Leaf”. I like the antique bronze finish to the metal, it makes the piece a little more sophisticated. This is a subtle nod to the show that you could wear anywhere.

Custom Akatsuki Pendant Necklace

Another necklace! This one features the red cloud symbol of the Akatsuki clan. Generally perceived as criminals, the members of the Akatsuki clan are non-traditional ninjas who have their own codes of justice. This necklace came in a plastic baggie with no labeling information. The pendant has a good weight to it and seems durable. The chain, on the other hand, is unfortunately quite cheap. My cat batted at it while I was taking pictures, and one gentle tug from her was enough to break it. Fortunately, the lobster clasp stayed secure and it was the ring it was connected to that snapped, so I just removed that link and hooked the clasp to the next one. Still wearable, but it seems like I will have to be very careful.

Here’s a close-up in the sunlight so you can see the cool glitter detail in the pendant. It’s quite gorgeous in the light! This is also the exact moment when my kitty broke the chain.

Here are the two necklaces compared to the postcard so you can get an idea of the length. As you can see, both hang from quite a long chain.

Custom Mangekyou Sharingan Earrings

The Mangekyou Sharingan is a high-level art passed down by the Uchiha clan, namely to Sasuke and his older brother Itachi in the anime. When a ninja uses this power, his eyes develop a pinwheel pattern as depicted by these earrings. According to the Naruto fandom wiki, each user has their own unique pattern, but I’m not sure whose pattern is featured here. I like the idea of these earrings: they’re simple enough for everyday wear, but recognizable to other fans. However, there was no information for them, so I would take care if you have a metal allergy or sensitivity.

Licensed Kakashi Reading The Paradise Keychain

Kakashi, Team 7’s instructor, is a big fan of the (erotic) novel series, Icha Icha Paradise, which he is shown reading here. You might find examples on certain sites: read more about tubev sex here. The keychain is made from a rubbery material that would hold up well to the abuse that most keychains receive, and it’s licensed so the quality is guaranteed. It comes with two attachments: the standard key ring and a large lobster clasp style for people like me who hate breaking nails trying to use the ring.

Super Deformed (SD) Character Lanyard

Why are they “super deformed”? I thought they were all just cute chibi versions of the characters. This lanyard features some of the most popular characters in the show. It’s made from a nylon-like material, and feels thin and lightweight but sturdy. There is a lobster clasp on the end should you choose to use it for keys or an ID badge, as well as a cell phone thread in case you’d prefer to attach it to your phone.

Overall, this was not a great box for me. A big part of that is because I don’t follow this month’s featured anime (I do appreciate that they allow you to skip – just wish I had remembered to do so!). But also, I felt the quality of these pieces showed a big dip from the previous months. I was happy to see a licensed product, and the pieces all tied together very well with the theme. However, there were three necklace pieces (two pendants and a lanyard), so it felt a little out of balance, especially with all of the Naruto merchandise options out there. Also, this month was not in keeping with Fangirl Monthly’s policy of featuring one small business owner, unless you include the pouch or the postcard. I have higher hopes for next month’s box, which will feature Sword Art Online!


All opinions in this review are my own, and no compensation was received for this review. This post contains affiliate links.


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