Loot Crate – February 2017 Review

Loot Crate is a monthly geek subscription box that often includes figurines, collectibles, and T-shirts.  It costs $13.95 + $6 shipping per month, with discounts for longer subscriptions.  Each month has a different theme.  Every month, it comes in a black box with the Loot Crate logo that can be turned inside out and folded into something related to the theme.  The size varies depending on what’s in the box.  Each month, they send out a survey asking subscribers to rate each item and provide suggestions for future boxes.  They also release digital content each month related to the theme, such as a mini-game, puzzle, or trivia.

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This is a review of February’s Loot Crate.

Everything in this month’s Loot Crate.  This month’s theme is Build.  This month’s crate includes items from DC Comics, Power Rangers, and Tetris.

Each month’s box can be turned into something related to the theme, usually by turning it inside out.  This one turns into this robot, with a couple of extra pieces.  I’m not sure what they’re for.

Each box includes a magazine that includes descriptions of all of the items, as well as interviews with the Loot Crate staff and other things.  Unfortunately, the magazine was missing from my crate.

A letter introducing Loot Crate’s new logo.

Tetris Flexible Magnet Sheets – These bring back memories of when I used to play Tetris.  They’ll probably go on my refrigerator.

Lego Dimensions Wonder Woman Fun Pack – What would a Build crate be without Legos?  This pack contains Wonder Woman and some pieces to make one of 3 vehicles.

Here are pictures of the vehicles you can make.

The instruction booklet tells you to plug the Wonder Woman figurine into a Lego Dimensions game to access the instructions.  Since I don’t have Lego Dimensions, I had to search online for the assembly instructions.

The completed Invisible Jet.

Batman Food Container – It’s pretty small, made from plastic, and not microwaveable, so I’m not sure what food I would put in this except possibly for a small snack.  I’ll probably end up repurposing it for something else.

Inside of the food container.

Power Rangers T-Shirt – This T-shirt shows a blueprint of how the five robots from Power Rangers combine to form Megazord.  NH used to have a toy Megazord that could be assembled and disassembled,  I’m not a huge fan of Power Rangers, though, and this shirt is not very special to me.

Secret Order of Keys – This piece of paper has a link to a set of puzzles that you can solve online using items from Loot Crate.  NH is a huge puzzle fan so he’s going to be doing these.

Power Rangers Pin – It “unlocks” a Power Rangers comic book online.

One puzzle down, five (this month) to go!

Overall, I think this is another fun curated Loot Crate.  I like their new logo, and I think this was the first month they actually sent out an email with a spoiler of an actual item in this month’s box, which I like (they usually just give hints).  I like that there are some items, like the Legos and Tetris magnets, that you can interact with and are not just decorative.  My only problem with this crate (besides the missing magazine) is that none of the items really stand out as particularly amazing to me.

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