Loot Anime – January 2017 Review

This month’s theme is Dimension!  It features items from No Game No Life, Re:Zero, and Sword Art Online – all great animes about alternate worlds and virtual realities.

Loot Anime

$24.95/month including shipping.

$5 off your monthly subscription if you have a Crunchyroll account!

Loot Anime is part of the Loot Crate family.  Each box contains 4-6 items from various animes that are all related to the monthly theme.  The items are all fully licensed, and many are exclusive to Loot Anime boxes.  They also include one manga volume and (usually) one item of clothing.

Loot Anime lists the product information for each box on the back of a gorgeous, full color poster.  This month’s artwork features Yume, the box mascot, falling down the rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland!  It’s a beautiful poster, but I wish it wasn’t creased from being folded up.

The back gives you a brief blurb about each product, and tells you what show it’s from.  I find that helpful because I don’t always recognize the anime.


Loot Anime includes a cute cell phone charm in each box.  This month’s is an image of Yume with a mage’s staff.  There are two attachments for the charm: one that plugs into the headphone jack of your phone, and a traditional lobster clasp hooked to a cord.

Log Horizon Light Novel

This month, instead of the usual manga, Loot Anime has included a light novel.  This book is about an MMORPG where the players become trapped in the game upon the release of the new expansion.  I’d heard good things about it but never read it; it sounds a lot like Sword Art Online so I might have to give it a try!

Sword Art Online II – Asuna Figure

Speaking of Sword Art Online… This little figure is only a few inches tall, but it’s incredibly detailed.  It features Asuna, one of the main characters in the very popular SAO series, as her avatar in a video game.  The premise of SAO is very much like Log Horizon – real people get trapped in an online virtual reality game and must survive.  I really liked the first season, but I have not seen SAO II.  I feel like it could never live up to season one!

Side and back views of the Asuna figure.  I love that Loot Anime is including figures, and I’m glad this one is so gorgeous and high quality.  And a very recognizable character as well!

No Game No Life T-shirt

This month’s wearable is a gorgeous tshirt featuring a character from No Game No Life.  I have not seen the series, which is about a brother and sister gamer team who are transported to another dimension where everything is resolved by a game, but my boyfriend loves it and instantly claimed this shirt.  I have to admit, even knowing little about this anime, I find this design to be so lovely and impressive.  The rainbow ombre design is gorgeous, and the character depicted (a “flugel” – an extremely strong race of warriors akin to angels) is a beautiful choice to display.  The shirt itself is fitted (shown here size Small) and comfortable.  Definitely my favorite shirt design from Loot Anime!

Sword Art Online Socks

Subscribers could have received socks with either Asuna or Kirito (the two main characters) on them.  I got Asuna!  While I like Kirito better, Asuna’s faces on these socks are too adorable so I’m glad I got her!  This is what she looks like in season one of Sword Art Online.  These socks are quite small, and fit very snugly on my size 6.5 feet, so someone with larger feet might find them too tight.  The material is thin with not a lot of stretch.  They come up past my ankles.

Re:Zero Rem and Ram Picture Frame

Re:Zero is another popular series that is on my list but I have not watched yet.  The main character is a hikikomori (young person who never leaves the house) who gets transported to another world where he can control time – by dying.  He meets two twins, Rem (blue) and Ram (pink).  This picture frame spins on its base, so you can choose who you would like to show!  This is adorable, and I like the chibi images of the girls.  Are you Team Rem or Team Ram?


Overall, this was a great box from Loot Anime!  While I haven’t seen every anime featured here, I have actually heard of all of them, and everything I’ve heard has been positive!  They included a lot of current animes, and all of the products are officially licensed – two things that I think make the price worth it.  I also like that they balance practicality (socks and a picture frame) with fan favorites (figurines!), so I don’t end up with a box of items that are just for show.  The shirt this month was fantastic, and the addition of a light novel was an interesting change from the usual manga.  This might be one of my favorite Loot Anime boxes so far!


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