nmnl – February 2017 Review, Coupon & March Spoilers

29.99$ Per Mo
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan
Use code SAKURA for $5 off

nmnl is a new subscription box offering from the makers of Tokyo Treat and Yume Twins that offers authentic Japanese beauty products. You get around 5 products ranging from makeup to face masks to skincare.

The box does come with an info booklet which shows all the items inside the box on separate pages.

Sakura Facial Bar Soap
Sakura leaf extract is said to help with skin troubles and prevent dryness, and it’s pretty! It also smells absolutely amazing. It’s very soft too, and not at all drying – a common problem with bar soaps.

Hello Kitty Sakura Face Masks
This is an 8pack of sakura infused Hello Kitty masks!

The bag is also resealable which is great! These masks smell really fresh and clean, very similar to the soap. They’re cooling too!

Puchi Animal Hand Cream
There were three variations of this hand cream, rose, soap and honey. The outer casing arrived a little dirty looking (I assume it’s because of the box). The scent is a lot more subtle which is good, and it does feel moisturizing. I’m really glad it came with a pouch that you can hang! :D

zawachin x noyl eyeshadow palette
This is a very lovely, versatile palette that came in a variety of shades. These are a bit more on the cool side.

Swatches of the three purples on the end, no primer, 3 swipes. It should be noted that Asian makeup tends to be less pigmented than our Western beauty – here in the states it’s literally the more pigment the better, whereas in Asia it’s much more subtle. These blended beautifully and came in a variety of finishes.

Sailor Moon Eyelashes and Etude House Dolly Wink Eyelash Glue
I love Sailor Moon! :D These lashes came in four different colors, each corresponding to a different Sailor Scout. Mars is red, Jupiter is green, Venus is orange and Mercury is blue.

These are absolutely gorgeous! D: I can’t wear lashes myself due to sensitive eyes, but the case below can be used for little trinkets.

I felt that the first nmnl box was lovely. It had a nice mix of items from different types and colors that could suit all.

If you’re interested in nmnl, you can get it here. Get 5$ off with code SAKURA

March spoilers below:


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  1. Cute box if you’re dealing in USD. I hate how the price goes up for Canadians as this look like one worth trying at least once.

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