YumeTwins – January 2017 Review & February 2017 Spoilers

It’s back with a new design!

Yume Twins
29.99$ Per Month
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan

January marks a brand new YumeTwins! YumeTwins announced a revamping late last year and now that revamp is here! They changed the quality and value of the items in their box, reducing a lot of the “clutter” and focusing way more on quality over quantity, which I really appreciate. I honestly wish more boxes would do this. You now get five items instead of the original eight or more, still from well known brands and still all officially licensed.

The info book got a pretty drastic redesign as well. It still has the standard cultural information, Yume prize and community highlights.

Tsum Tsum Cosmetic Pouch
It’s a vinyl pouch with Tsum Tsum emblazoned on it! I can see this being way up Brandy’s (hello subscription)’s alley huhu. It’s nicely made, but a little too “cutesy” for my taste. It seems more for a small child.

Sanrio Cozy Socks
These are SUPER soft and plush, and I love the cute little design. I do wish there was a Chococat sock though!

Rilakkuma Shampoo Bottle
I absolutely love this, it’s SO cute and functional. I think I’m going to use it for lotion or hand soap instead of shampoo – it’s relatively light and easily bent if you hit it the right way so I don’t know that a slippery shower is the best place for it. It’s super adorable though and I love that I got Korilukkuma!

Sailor Moon Plush
So the first Yume Twins box all those months ago also had a Sailor Moon plushie in it, though it was the outer scouts (I got Neptune! SHE’S MY FAVORITE). The new Yume Twins has a very appropriate inner scouts!

She’s really cute, and I love these little guys. She’s not my favorite character by any means due to her excessive whining in both the show and the manga, but overall I have no complaints. My favorite inner scout is probably Venus though, she’s the only one of the inners that I have a Tamashii buddy.

Rilakkuma New Years Cake
Ah I’ve always wanted to try one of these! These little cakes come in a huge variety of types, including star wars. This one has two mochi pads and a collectible Rilakkuma figure.

Outside of the packaging. There’s directions on the bottom to smash the ever loving hell out of this thing.

It did not respond well. My she-hulk skills failed miserably. I thought for such a long time that this was like, the shape of this actual cake, but …

It’s just two little mochi inside the packaging. You’re supposed to bake or fry them lightly in oil then eat like a pancake. I was super surprised by these. They are just made of rice and thus need flavoring. I thought they just tasted like senbei (soy sauce flavored) but my housemate thought they tasted like compacted rice cakes.

Cultural page from the info booklet.

YumeTwins revamp was a lovely success! I really liked how high quality everything was and absolutely no filler items :D If you’ve read the blog for any length of time you know one of the major things I bitch about is the quantity over quality argument. Tokyo Treat has always listened to any and all feedback it’s received.

So if you want the new YumeTwins, you can get the February box now. They also have a new Japanese Beauty Box called nmnl (no makeup no life) and of course, Tokyo Treat for Japanese snacks.

Click here to get any of these! 

February’s spoilers:



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YumeTwins - January 2017 Review
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