Geek Fuel – January 2017 Review

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Geek Fuel is a geek & gamer themed subscription box that always contains a new exclusive t-shirt (both men’s and women’s sizes available S-3XL) and a Steam code, as well as a wide variety of other fun goodies (coffee table books, scarves, enamel mascot pins).

This month’s contents are quite colorful.

This month’s fandoms are a little bit of everything, something I appreciate.

…Is there a difference between the color of men’s black and women’s black???

This month’s mini mag pays tribute to the late Carrie Fisher.

Do you have spare two and a half million dollars lying around? BUY A BATCAVE!

I want like 5 out of 6 of these.

What’s the difference between a sleep shirt and a regular shirt??? Is it softer? The one pictured just looks like a regular shirt to me.

Though it wasn’t on the info card, this Princess Leia silhouette pin was also included in memory of Carrie Fisher.

This game isn’t for me. It’s a decently fast paced side scrolling parkour platformer with cheesy writing and an odd anti-bullying health system. It’s a good message, but it doesn’t come across well as a game. The controls are very clunky and buggy.

The Fuel enamel pin returns again this month! This time the pin theme is He-Man, complete with very retro packaging. I’m assuming these pins are going to be in every box from now on. What could be next? Ninja Turtles? Ghostbusters?

I got the common He-Bot, but there’s also a rare Skele-Fuel variant.

For this month’s box Geek Fuel let you choose which Q Fig you wanted to receive. As I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the options, I just neglected to choose. I wound up getting the Suicide Squad version of Harley Quinn

Apparently if you peel the sticker off the speech bubble it’s a mini whiteboard that you can write on. Being neither clever nor witty, I left the sticker on. My one gripe with this figure is that the speech bubble just will not properly fit into the base, and just falls right out.

This box holds the best item of the month.

RUPEE SOAPS! Three beautiful Legend of Zelda soaps worth 26 rupees! They each smell a bit different, but all have very fresh and clean unisex scents. These are one of my all time favorite Geek Fuel inclusions.

I can’t be disappointed by getting a Star Wars shirt when it’s of a character voiced by my favorite actor, Alan Tudyk. It’s also super colorful, so win-win!

While I really did not like the game, and the pin is a pin, the shirt, the figure, and the soaps (especially the soaps!!!!) were bright spots for me this month. Since this month had a DC item, I’m assuming there will be something Marvel again next month….maybe Deadpool? It’s been a few months since there’s been a Deadpool item. Could we see a Westworld item at some point?

Interested in Geek Fuel? Check it out here. (Referral Link)

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