YumeTwins – December 2016 Review & January/February 2017 Spoilers

Yume Twins
29.99$ Per Month
Ships Worldwide Directly from Japan

December commemorates the final YumeTwins before they revamped to include higher quality items. I’ve always liked YumeTwins but I have always felt that some months had an abundance of filler items (read: stationery) or had the exact same premise each month – plushie, washcloth, stationery for days. I just got January’s box today and I can honestly tell you, the improvement is amazing and noticeable. One of the many things I love about TokyoTreat (owner of YumeTwins) is that they always listen to their customers.

YumeTwins also has two sister boxes in TokyoTreat (snacks) and a new iteration called nmnl for authentic Japanese Beauty products.

Each box also comes with an info booklet, something that also got a bit of a redesign.

Plush Woodstock
One thing that Yumetwins has done quite a bit of is send a lot of Peanuts branded items. Not that I necessarily mind – I like Peanuts – but I didn’t know it was such a fad over in Japan. This little plush was hanging on our tree for awhile.

Neko Atsume Plushie Hat
Well this is .. something. It’s definitely not my style – at all – so I can’t say I’ve been wearing it (or ever will). I don’t dislike it at all, it’s just not for me.

Rilakkuma Towel
I squealed when I pulled this out. One of the things I love about YumeTwins is that it has had a habit of sending these little Japanese towels – which I’ve been happily collecting. This one is SO CUTE and vaguely reminds me of me when I have bread. It’s much larger than the regular mini-towels they’ve been sending as well. Easily my favorite item in the box.

Amuse Kotorital Kinchaku Pouch
AHHH this is SO cute! So funfact, many years ago I had a little blue parakeet named Tweety (it was the 90s) and this brings back many fond memories of him. I loved that bird. He lived for 10 years and died as I went into high school. Anywho, this pouch is ultra soft and just small enough for things like earbuds.

Mame Shiba Inu Smartphone Cleaner
This. I love this. It’s like this really squishy cube but is also sturdy (sense, I make none) and bonus points for being super cute. It’s works like a scrubber cloth thing, removing fingerprints, oil and debris. Not that I know what you’re doing with your phones but… yeah, clean them.

Return of Lum: Lum Invader Decorative Tape, Merry Christmas Bath Salts & Snoopy Mirror
These three items screamed filler to me more than they fit the theme. The bath salts are nice and Christmasy, while the snoopy mirror made an okay gift.

Oh you all know I’ve always loved YumeTwins and felt they were well done, but I am really pleased that they decided to do some revamping. The January box has five items all of which are very high quality (one is a HUGE Rilakkuma and a Sailor Moon!)

February’s theme is New Favorites and it includes a plush thus far.

If you’re interested in YumeTwins, you can get it here. It does ship worldwide! 


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