YumeTwins – November 2016 Review, Coupons & Freebies!

$29.99 Per Mo
Ships Worldwide!
Use code UFUFY  for $3 Off + Freebies – Details below

So I’m a tad bit late with this review – it’s been a wild ride the last few weeks. YumeTwins is a cute/kawaii themed subscription of all licensed products from the owners of TokyoTreat. They’re actually rebranding after getting a bunch of feedback and will include all new/different types and styles of items starting in a few weeks.

There’s also a beauty box coming ;)

If you upgrade your current sub you can get $3 off plus freebies for 3/6/12 mo upgrades with code UFUFY. Contact YumeTwins for details, ends today!


Each Yumetwins comes with an info booklet that has cultural info, item info, contests, giveaways, etc.

Sumikko Gurashi Sushi Rubber Keychain Charm & Sailor Moon Sweets Mascot Blind Boxes
I love the little Sumikko charm, it’s super cute and charming. The rubber is rather pliable and the quality is high. The Sailor Moon item falls a little off the quality spectrum and seem more “cheap” in materials. It’s a little cupcake vaguely based off Sailor Moon’s broach.

Rilakkuma Tea
This was really cute! Three separate tea bags that you place over a small cup. There are hinges on the side of the bags that hang on the cup too. I’m not a tea drinker so I didn’t try this but it made a really nice Christmas gift!

Enogumasan 2-way Marker & Kawaii Mini-Notepad
Ah I love little notepads! I’m one of those people who is almost always writing something down on a notepad somewhere (but usually loses a pen, I literally carved a phone number with a toothpick once). It’s super cute and pocket sized. The marker is very similar to a sharpie and has two strengths.

Sanrio Kirimichan Post Its & Gudetama Stickers
This is apparently Sanrio’s sliced salmon character (I’m just as confused as you are lol). They’re really cute post-its and I gave them to a little lady who was way into stationery. The stickers basically represent me in every form on a daily basis lol.

Shinada Baby Nature Plush

There were seven possibilities here and I got a baby alpaca. My only complaint (not even a complaint) is the fact that it’s head is so heavy that it can’t sit up on its own. Otherwise it’s large and super cuddly.

Overall I liked this YumeTwins though I did feel it was a little lacking compared to some of their previous boxes. They’ve been very consistent in sending the same types of items from the same genres since inception which is part of the reason they’re restructuring. Honestly I’m very excited about the changes!

If interested in YumeTwins, it’s $29.99 and ships worldwide. Get it here.

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