Geek Fuel – December 2016 Review

Well someone was feeling festive this month!

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Geek Fuel is a geek & gamer themed subscription box that always contains a new exclusive t-shirt (both men’s and women’s sizes available S-3XL) and a Steam code, as well as a wide variety of other fun goodies (mug sets, sock trios, pins).



For the first time that I can recall, there’s a difference between the men’s shirt and the women’s. I’m actually glad I get the men’s shirt, as I prefer the darker color.

Palm trees make me sad. I miss warmth.

I actually really like how the geeky gift guide has been increasing over the past few moths, as that’s always been my favorite part of the mini mag.

In other news, HELLO EXPENSIVE STATUE OF SIMON BELMONT’S THIGHS SIMON BELMONT. Whether or not you’re willing to plunk down over $400 dollars for this Castlevania collector’s piece, it’s certainly eye catching.

Sometimes I wish the little info blurbs told you the dimensions of a figure (or mirror!)

….foam crowbars are a thing? Really?

The 8-bit gift wrap has returned! This item was also in last December’s box. I like that it isn’t holiday printed, so I can use it for birthday gift/wedding gift/just because gift wrapping paper as well.

This month’s box features another Epic Enamels pin of Geek Fuel’s mascot. Last month’s pin featured an Indiana Jones-esque version of Fuel.

This month’s pin is G2-F2 (or if you’re incredibly lucky, G2-F5)! I’m wondering if these Fuel pins are going to be a recurring thing each month.

Caveman Craig is a side scrolling strategy game where you play as Craig, a charming bald gentleman who enjoys the noble sport of murdering things with rocks and teaching his tribe how not to not die. It’s a fun game, but there’s not a ton of depth. It’s very reminiscent of those free flash games on sites like Newgrounds.

A book! I usually love it when Geek Fuel sends books, and this one is no exception. Out of the two potential books, I got Thor (as opposed to Iron Man). This makes a great coffee table book, and is written as though Thor himself was the author. There are random goodies tucked inside, such as a poster and a foldable paper Mjölnir .

Loki’s hair though.

Thunder Dumpling certainly has a way with words.

The packaging for the Wizard Wear item is pretty adorable. If I squint a bit it reminds me of Newt Scamander’s case.

GRYFFINDOR SCARF AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! (the deep red looks almost black in my photo, but I can assure you it’s red)

Two things:

  1. This is super thick and warm
  2. I wish it was a little longer so I could wrap it around me multiple times

Like the Futurama tee last month, the Robocop shirt is a welcome deviation from expected themes. I’m genuinely thrilled whenever I see a different fandom get in on the shirt love. More of this please! Whether you know anything about Robocop or not, this is still a pretty nice shirt.

All in all this was another solid month, with my favorite item being the scarf. I’m hoping that with 2017 around the corner Geek Fuel continues to vary its contents and fandoms (though I’m assuming DC, Marvel, and Star Wars will continue to be staples). This sub has undergone a few changes in the past year, and I’m hoping it will improve even further over the next.

Interested in Geek Fuel? Check it out here. (Referral Link)

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