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Merry Lootmas! If you wanted to give the gift of geeky Loot this year you can now get 50% off all items in the Loot Vault which includes shirts, funko pops and other collectibles as well as full past crates from their original Loot Crate line, Loot for Her, as well as the gaming and Loot Anime lines!

You can get past Loot Anime boxes for as low as $17! Included are the Musical box which included a Hatsune Miku blanket, the box with an exclusive Full Metal Alchemist rug as well as the October box which included a Naruto ramen bowl. Seriously if you’ve ever been curious about Loot Anime now would be the best time to get in on that.

They’ve also got mystery Loot Crates which drop down to $10 with code. Use code CYBERGEEK for 50% off anything in the Loot Vault! 

BeejuBoxes.com - Subscription Box Reviews!


Beeju is a graduate student from West Virginia studying Media and Communcations. She loves all sorts of snack boxes, beauty boxes and cats, while having a huge addiction to all things Korean Beauty. Read more about Beeju on the "About" page.
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BeejuBoxes.com - Subscription Box Reviews!
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